Past Articles: 2001

2001-10-24 The Number of Films Shown & Figures
2001-10-24 YIDFF 2001 Prize Winners & Jury’s Comments
2001-10-09 YIDFF 2001 Prize Winners
2001-09-26 YIDFF 2001 Guest
2001-09-26 High School Student Workshop Films
2001-09-26 YAMAGATA Doc’s Kingdom—The Seminar
Robert Kramer Retrospective Special Feature
2001-09-13 New Asian Currents Tokyo Special
2001-09-13 New Asian Currents SPECIAL
2001-09-13 Additional Special Invitation Films
2001-09-13 Jurors Films
2001-08-29 Festival schedule flyers out now!
2001-08-29 Original film festival t-shirts
2001-08-29 YIDFF Network special screenings
2001-08-29 More special invitation films
2001-08-29 Film Festival tickets now on sale!
2001-08-07 Towards the Kamei Fumio retrospective
2001-08-07 “Now,” “Here,” and “About the World,”—Robert Kramer
2001-08-03 Transportation and Accommodation
2001-07-27 Jurors for the International Competition and New Asian Currents
2001-07-27 Special Invitation Films announced!
2001-07-27 Japanese Panorama films announced!
2001-07-27 Additional New Asian Currents films
2001-07-11 Flyers and posters introducing this year’s festival are ready!
2001-07-11 New Asian Currents lineup
2001-07-11 New Asian Currents lineup announcement!
2001-06-30 New Asian Currents: This year’s trends
2001-06-30 International Competition: Characteristics and trends
2001-06-27 Other Festival programs
2001-06-13 International Competition Selection
2001-06-05 Film festival volunteers wanted!
2001-06-04 “Update” has been changed to “YIDFF News.”
2001-06-01 Official open call for entries ended
2001-05-29 YIDFF News subscription service (free) starts