Past Articles: 2011

2011-12-07 Thank you for joining YIDFF 2011!!
Cinema with Us
2011-11-24 The YAMAGATA Documentary Film Library Friday Theater (December–January)
2011-11-02 Photo of Farewell Party (YIDFF 2011 Information)
2011-10-31 Award Recipients: Jury Comments (YIDFF 2011 Information)
2011-10-27 The YAMAGATA Documentary Film Library Friday Theater (November)
2011-10-12 All award-winning works will be screened! (YIDFF 2011 Information)
2011-10-12 YIDFF 2011 Award Recipients (YIDFF 2011 Information)
2011-09-09 Access (YIDFF 2011 Information)
2011-09-07 Maison Hermes special documentary screening
2011-09-05 Schedule (YIDFF 2011 Information)
2011-09-05 New Asian Currents Jurors (YIDFF 2011 Information)
2011-09-05 Islands / I Lands, NOW—Vista de Cuba
My Television
Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Support Screening Project “Cinema with Us”
Special Invitation Films
YIDFF Network Special Screenings
Art Documentary Program
Yamagata Film Critics’ Workshop (YIDFF 2011 Information)
2011-08-31 Family Film and Animation Wonderland (YIDFF 2011 Information)
2011-08-31 Films about Yamagata (YIDFF 2011 Information)
2011-08-31 A Reunion of Taiwan and Japanese Filmmakers: 12 Years Later (YIDFF 2011 Information)
2011-08-19 New Docs Japan Lineup (YIDFF 2011 Information)
2011-08-12 Seeking participants for Yamagata Film Criticism Workshop (YIDFF 2011 Information)
2011-08-02 YIDFF receives 29th Kawakita Award!
2011-07-27 The YAMAGATA Documentary Film Library Friday Theater (August–September)
2011-07-26 International Competition Jurors (YIDFF 2011 Information)
2011-07-26 New Asian Currents Lineup (YIDFF 2011 Information)
2009-06-21 Seminars for volunteers in Tokyo (YIDFF 2011 Information)
2011-06-20 International Competition Lineup (YIDFF 2011 Information)
2011-06-08 Call for YIDFF Volunteers (YIDFF 2011 Information)
2011-06-01 Official open call for entries ended.
2011-05-26 The YAMAGATA Documentary Film Library Friday Theater (June–July)
2011-05-30 Final Deadline for New Asian Currents Approaches!
2011-05-06 New Asian Currents accepting entries until May 31st!
Yamagata after March 11th
2011-04-04 Deadline for the International Competition Approaches
From the YIDFF Office
2011-03-29 The YAMAGATA Documentary Film Library Friday Theater (April–May)
2011-03-17 The Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake
2011-01-20 The YAMAGATA Documentary Film Library Friday Theater (February–March)

Other Screenings

2011-12-07 KOBE Documentary Film Festival 2011: “Post 3.11”
Wang Bing Best Selection: Special Screenings in Kansai
2011-05-26 FENGMING A Chinese Memoir Screening
2011-04-04 6th Natural Life Festival
2011-03-03 FENGMING A Chinese Memoir Screening & Discussion
2011-01-31 YAMAGATA in Hiroshima 2011
Tokyo Northern Lights Festival 2011

Other Information

2011-05-06 Messages from filmmakers around the world