2001-09-13 | Jurors Films

<Jurors for the International Competition>

  • New Times at Crossroad Street
    Director: Ivars Seleckis
    1999 / Latvia / 35mm / 85 min
    Director Ivars Seleckis, winner of our Grand Prize for The Crossroad Street at our first film festival in 1989, returns to the same village and its people ten years later in his new work.
    (Screening: October 4th 7:40pm at Yamagata Central Public Hall)

  • A Cuban Lover
    Director: Kuroki Kazuo
    1969 / Japan, Cuba / 35mm / 101 min
    The second feature work from Kuroki Kazuo, director of many outstanding documentaries for Iwanami Productions. A love story between a young Japanese man (Tsugawa Masahiko) and a Cuban girl, set 10 years after the Cuban revolution.
    (Screening: October 5th, 6:50pm at Yamagata Central Public Hall)

  • B-52
    Director: Hartmut Bitomsky
    2001 / Germany, USA / 35mm / 112 min
    The latest work from Hartmut Bitomsky, who has made many documentary films utilizing archival footage. An ode to the B-52 bomber, which was designed in 1947 and has been used as a tool of war for over fifty years in such theaters of combat as Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, and Kosovo.
    (Screening: October 7th, 10:00am at Yamagata Central Public Hall)

  • Ordinary Heroes
    Director: Ann Hui
    1999 / Hong Kong / 35mm / 128 min
    From female director Ann Hui, a standard bearer for Hong Kong filmmakers who has produced works in a variety of genres including documentary, comes this tale of a group of people whose lives are touched by the student movement of the late 70’s, the 1989 Tiananmen Square incident, and Hong Kong’s amalgamation by China in 1997.
    (Screening: October 9th, 1:30 pm at Yamagata Central Public Hall)

<Juror for New Asian Currents>

    Director: Sato Makoto
    2000 / Japan / 16mm / 53 min
    Centering around “Self and Others,” a photo collection by Gocho Shigeo who died at the age of 36 in 1983, Sato attempts to piece together Gocho’s desires and motivations from the photographs and notes he left behind.
    (Screening: October 9th 10:00am at Yamagata Central Public Hall)

  • Hanako
    Director: Sato Makoto
    2001 / Japan / 35mm / 58 min
    Director Sato Makoto, who brought us a light-hearted depiction of people devoted to the art of the disabled in Artists in Wonderland, serves us “food art” this time around in his latest film which follows the daily life of an autistic woman and her family.
    (Screening: October 9th 10:53am at Yamagata Central Public Hall)