Past Articles: 2013

2013-11-18 Award Recipients: Jury Comments (YIDFF 2013 Information)
2013-11-01 Photo of Farewell Party (YIDFF 2013 Information)
2013-10-23 YIDFF 2013 Interviews (Interviews)
2013-10-16 All award-winning works will be screened! (YIDFF 2013 Information)
2013-10-16 YIDFF 2013 Award Recipients (YIDFF 2013 Information)
2013-09-06 Seeking participants for Yamagata Film Criticism Workshop (YIDFF 2013 Information)
2013-09-02 Accommodation
Access (YIDFF 2013 Information)
2013-08-25 Schedule
Festival Venues (YIDFF 2013 Information)
2013-08-23 Memories of the Future: Chris Marker’s Travels and Trials
The Ethics Machine: Six Gazes of the Camera
Another Side of the “Arab Spring”
Yamagata Rough Cut!
Perspectives Japan
Cinema with Us 2013
Yamagata and Film
Special Invitation Films
YIDFF Network Special Screenings
Yamagata Manabikan (YIDFF 2013 Information)
2013-08-23 New Asian Currents Jurors (YIDFF 2013 Information)
2013-08-23 Festival tickets now on sale! (YIDFF 2013 Information)
2013-08-20 New Asian Currents Films (YIDFF 2013 Information)
2013-08-09 International Competition Jurors (YIDFF 2013 Information)
2013-07-29 New Asian Currents Lineup (YIDFF 2013 Information)
2013-07-05 International Competition Films (YIDFF 2013 Information)
2013-07-05 Seminars for Volunteers in Tokyo (YIDFF 2013 Information)
2013-06-26 Call for YIDFF Volunteers (YIDFF 2013 Information)
2013-06-19 International Competition Lineup (YIDFF 2013 Information)
2013-06-19 YIDFF 2013 Program Overview (YIDFF 2013 Information)
2013-06-17 YIDFF 2013 Entry Closed
2013-06-01 Official open call for entries ended.
2013-05-20 Final Deadline for New Asian Currents Approaches!
2013-04-19 YIDFF 2013 NAC: Call for Entries
2013-03-17 YIDFF 2013 IC Entries: Deadline Is Approaching!
2013-03-17 YIDFF Awarded the Locality Revitalization Prize
2013-02-18 We Await Your Entry!
2013-02-18 The 4th Children’s Film Workshop at the Yamagata Documentary Film Library
2013-01-19 The Legendary Filmmaking Collective NDU and Nunokawa Tetsuro Special Catalog Now on Sale

From the YIDFF Office

2013-12-17 YIDFF 2013 in Numbers
YIDFF 2013 Report: Yamagata University Special Program “East and Central European Documentary Films after the End of the Cold War”
2013-11-15 Thank you for joining YIDFF 2013
Hurray to the Yamagata audiences!
2013-04-19 Playful Exchange between Images and Discussion, the Public and Private: Report about Cinema Tetsugaku Cafe @ Yamagata
2013-03-17 Driving in a Wedge—Not to Forget   Screening Project “Cinema with Us—Not to Forget: Part 1”
2013-02-18 Ripples of Knowledge at the Yamagata University Library Screening Series
2013-01-19 2013 New Year’s Greetings from YIDFF
Promoting YIDFF Internationally (at Visible Evidence XIX)


2013-12-07 Yamagata University Library Screenings (December)
2013-11-21 The YAMAGATA Documentary Film Library Friday Theater (December–January)
2013-10-24 The YAMAGATA Documentary Film Library Friday Theater (November)
2013-07-23 The YAMAGATA Documentary Film Library Friday Theater (August–September)
2013-06-17 YIDFF 2013 Preliminary Event in Yamagata: Ogawa Shinsuke Retrospective—“Harvesting Yamagata”
2013-05-21 The YAMAGATA Documentary Film Library Friday Theater (June–July)
2013-04-19 Giving Pause to a Nostalgic Yamagata: City PR Films Screening Tour
2013-03-21 The YAMAGATA Documentary Film Library Friday Theater (April–May)
2013-01-19 Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Support Screening Project “Cinema with Us—Not to Forget: Part 1”
2013-01-10 The YAMAGATA Documentary Film Library Friday Theater (February–March)
2013-01-10 Yamagata University Library Screenings (January–February)

Other Screenings

2013-11-15 Food and Lifestyle Film Festival
2013-11-15 Neo Asian Film Festival in Asahikawa
Cine-la Special Screening: Documentary Selection
Sendai Mediatheque Special Screening: “Possibility of Dialogue: Sarukatani Aramahoshi”
2013-06-15 Special Screening: “Okinawa and US Military Base”
Hors Pistes Tokyo 2013: Retrospective Program on Marguerite Duras
2013-05-20 “CineMalaysia 2013”: Malaysian Film Now
Friday Night Theater at Earth Plaza
2013-05-20 Bilal’s triumphant return to Yamagata—Screening Set!
2013-03-17 Civil Society Forum: The 99th Regular Meeting in Kobe
2013-02-16 Enoshima Asian Film Festival
2013-01-19 Bilal Screenings Go Nationwide!

Other Information

2013-04-19 “Dialogo: haruka nakamura quartet with imagem” Live Concert at Bunsho-kan Hall, YAMAGATA