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2024-01-28 New Year’s Greetings
2023-11-29 YIDFF 2023: The Festival is Over
2023-01-21 Happy New Year!
2022-12-13 YIDFF 2021 on the Big Screen
2022-12-13 Remembering Takahashi Takuya
2021-11-07 YIDFF 2021 Closed
2020-05-22 “Komian” Closes Down
2020-05-22 Message from the New Director of Yamagata Office
2020-03-11 YIDFF 2021 Information
2019-12-14 Obituary
2019-12-14 YIDFF 2019 in Numbers
2019-11-19 YIDFF 2019 Ended
2019-01-20 New Year’s Greetings from the YIDFF Office
2018-01-18 New Year’s Greetings from the YIDFF Office
2017-12-08 YIDFF 2017 in Numbers
2017-11-19 YIDFF 2017 Ended: Thanks to Everyone Who Made the Festival Happen!
Yamagata City designated as UNESCO Creative City of Film!
2017-01-26 New Year’s Greetings from YIDFF
2016-11-17 Report: “My YIDFF!—Potato Stew Party”
Report: “Filming 3.11: Accumulated Layers of Small Stories”
2016-04-19 Attending SIDOF (Seoul)
2016-03-24 Screening Network of Arabic-Speaking Regions—NAAS Discussion at the Berlinale
2016-01-21 New Year’s Greetings from YIDFF
2015-12-19 YIDFF 2015 in Numbers
2015-11-24 To Everybody Who Made YIDFF 2015 Happen
With Gratitude, YIDFF 2015
2015-04-10 Yamagata “Cinema for Children” Filmmaking Workshop
2015-01-23 New Year’s Greetings from YIDFF
2014-07-18 Noticiero #02—Following “Islands / I Lands, NOW—Vista de Cuba”
2014-06-19 The AND Fund
Noticiero #01—Following “Islands / I Lands, NOW—Vista de Cuba”
2014-04-17 The 5th Kids Film Workshop: Report
2014-03-19 From Mumbai, India
2014-03-19 Noticiero #0—Following “Islands / I Lands, NOW—Vista de Cuba”
2014-02-21 Message from Directors of Tour of Duty
2014-01-24 New Year’s Greetings from YIDFF Office
2013-12-17 YIDFF 2013 in Numbers
YIDFF 2013 Report: Yamagata University Special Program “East and Central European Documentary Films after the End of the Cold War”
2013-11-15 Thank you for joining YIDFF 2013
Hurray to the Yamagata audiences!
2013-04-19 Playful Exchange between Images and Discussion, the Public and Private: Report about Cinema Tetsugaku Cafe @ Yamagata
2013-03-17 Driving in a Wedge—Not to Forget   Screening Project “Cinema with Us—Not to Forget: Part 1”
2013-02-18 Ripples of Knowledge at the Yamagata University Library Screening Series
2013-01-19 2013 New Year’s Greetings from YIDFF
Promoting YIDFF Internationally (at Visible Evidence XIX)
2012-11-14 Report on Reviving Recipes Screening in Turin, Italy
2012-10-12 “Miyukino Snow Theater International Short Film Festival” in Yamagata!
2012-10-12 Hot and Deep Summer 2012: Documentary Dream Show—Yamagata in Tokyo
2012-08-16 About “Summer Festival with Eiga-ya and Their Friends”