2001-08-29 | Original film festival t-shirts

As many of you are probably already aware, at the YIDFF we’ve been selling original film festival t-shirts with the help of the YIDFF Network volunteer organization since 1995. The designers are none other than Filipino artists Rox Lee, and up-and-comer Ellen Ramos. There are five different t-shirt designs and they come in white, black and grey. We've also got them in a special “fit T” size that’s popular with the ladies. You can pick them up for only 1,000 yen each. We also have film festival cloth shopping bags available for only 300 yen each.

Why not seize this once-only opportunity to get your hands on one of these very exclusive YIDFF t-shirts to remember our festival by? They’ll be on sale at festival venues during YIDFF 2001.

YIDFF Organizing Committee Office (Yamagata Office)
phone: 81-23-666-4480
e-mail: info@yidff.jp