2001-06-05 | Film festival volunteers wanted!

The Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival is back again this year, bringing people together from across Japan and around the world, and once more we’re looking for volunteers to play vital roles in all kinds of festival affairs.We will be holding information meetings on the following dates:

#1 June 30th (Sat) 1:30pm–3:00pm
#2 July 1st (Sun) 1:30pm–3:00pm
#3 July 4th (Wed) 10:00am–11:30am
#4 July 4th (Wed) 7:00pm–8:30pm

Note: The information presented at each meeting is the same, so please attend the one most convenient for you.

Yamagata City Hall, 11th Floor, Large Meeting Room (dai kaigi shitsu)

Note: As the first, second and fourth meetings will take place outside of City Hall operating hours, please use the entrance on the northern side of the building (chousha kitagawa iriguchi).

Our film festival and related volunteer activities will be introduced through video and slide presentations. We are seeking volunteers for the following positions:

MCs for post-screening Q&A sessions
Language staff (guest attendant, venue staff etc)
Venue staff
Subtitle projection
Reporting and publishing the daily festival newsletter, Daily Bulletin
Organization of the Citizens’ Prize
Running the Komian Club
Sign language interpretation

Note: Following each meeting, there will be opportunities to ask questions
related to festival and volunteer matters.

YIDFF Organizing Committee Office (Yamagata Office)
phone: 81-23-666-4480 fax: 81-23-625-4550
e-mail: info@yidff.jp