Past Articles: 2018

2018-12-14 YIDFF 2019 Call for Entries: First Deadline Is Approaching!
2018-09-14 YIDFF has been included on the Documentary Feature Qualifying Festival List for the Academy Awards
2018-09-11 YIDFF 2019: Call for Entries
2018-09-01 YIDFF 2019 Call for Entries (YIDFF 2019 Information)
2018-08-28 The National Conference of Community Cinemas 2018 in Yamagata
2018-08-21 YIDFF 2019 Information
Poster Design (YIDFF 2019 Information)
2018-08-21 Announcement of Dates for YIDFF 2019!
Call for Entries for YIDFF 2019
2018-07-26 Film Search has been renewed
2018-01-10 YIDFF 2017 Interviews (Interviews)

From the YIDFF Office

2018-01-18 New Year’s Greetings from the YIDFF Office


2018-11-15 Yamagata Documentary Dojo 2018: Wrap-up Event in Tokyo
2018-10-16 Film Criticism Collective: Call for Application
“Film Criticism Workshop in Yogyakarta, Indonesia”
2018-09-19 Yamagata Documentary Dojo 2018: Call for Participants for International Workshop!
2018-08-02 Video from Stop-Motion Film Workshop “Let’s Make a Film with Snow Monster Jukki”
2018-03-27 Video from the 8th Kids Film Workshop
2018-02-17 The 8th “Kids Film Workshop” at the Yamagata Documentary Film Library: “Let’s try hand-painted filmmaking!”


2018-12-14 Sakata Green House Testimonies: Theater Information
2018-11-28 The YAMAGATA Documentary Film Library Friday Theater (December–January)
2018-09-12 The YAMAGATA Documentary Film Library Friday Theater (October–November)
2018-07-19 The YAMAGATA Documentary Film Library Friday Theater (August)
2018-07-13 YIDFF 2019 Preliminary Event: “Cinema Under the Stars”
2018-05-16 Yamagata Biennale 2018 + YIDFF: “Evenings on Cinema Street”
2018-05-16 The YAMAGATA Documentary Film Library Friday Theater (June–July)
2018-03-16 The YAMAGATA Documentary Film Library Friday Theater (April–May)
2018-03-16 Sakata Green House Testimonies: Theatrical Release in Yamagata
2018-01-17 The YAMAGATA Documentary Film Library Friday Theater (February–March)
2018-01-17 “First Encounters with Documentary: Organized by high schoolers”

Documentary Dream Show—Yamagata in Tokyo 2018

2018-07-13 Documentary Dream Show—Yamagata in Tokyo 2018

Other Screenings

2018-12-18 Mysterious Object at Noon Screening at Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media
2018-11-15 Bamseom Pirates, Seoul Inferno Screening at Machinaka Bunkagoya
2018-11-15 In the Intense Now Screening at Latin Beat Film Festival 2018
2018-10-16 OZ SHOW-WA Theater: Sakata Green House Testimonies Special Screening
2018-09-27 The Cats of Mirikitani (Special Edition) Screenings in Yamagata
2018-09-19 Nara International Film Festival 2018: Sakata Green House Testimonies Screening
2018-08-28 Pop-Up Screen No.1: Mysterious Object at Noon Screening and 35mm Film Projection Workshop
2018-08-28 The 23rd Nagaoka Film Festival: A Memory in Khaki Screening & Lecture
2018-08-28 Japan Docs Presents “Documentary Night Vol. 6”: A Boatload of Wild Irishmen Screening
2018-08-28 A House in Ninh Hoa Screening at Viet Nam Film Festival 2018
2018-07-13 A Yangtze Landscape Screenings at Image Forum Festival 2018
2018-06-14 A Whispered Life: Theatrical Release in Tokyo
2018-06-14 Thinking “The Present” Through Cinema vol. 01: The Duckling & My No-Mercy Home
2018-05-19 In the Intense Now Special Screening at Institut Francais Tokyo
2018-05-19 Memorial Screening at Manekinema
2018-05-19 The 7th Urayasu Documentary Film Festival
2018-05-19 YIDFF 2017 NAC Films: Theater Information
2018-04-13 YIDFF 2017 IC Films: Theater Information
2018-03-16 Islam Film Festival 3
2018-03-16 Documentary Film Lovers Association Vol. 34
2018-01-18 Saturday Cinema 5: Documentary Now—Special Screening: “Living with the Pain 2”

Other Information

2018-10-16 Creative Café + Yamagata Documentary Dojo 2018: The 14th Creative Café: “Discovering Yamadera with AIR Filmmakers”
The 15th Creative Café: “Local attractions through TV commercials”
2018-07-13 Open Lecture Series: “Robert Flaherty and the Transfiguration of Documentary”