2001-07-27 | Additional New Asian Currents films

Two Japanese films have been added to the New Asian Currents lineup. They are Kawaguchi Hajime’s Differential Phases and Ono Satoshi’s Danchi Zake. Kawaguchi, who is an instructor at Yamagata’s Tohoku University of Art & Design, cleverly investigates the interconnecting phases of reality—Everyday life vs. the text he creates within the recorded image. Danchi Zake, which means “Sake in the housing complex,” is a student work by a filmmaker who discovers his chance to face his parents and family through a minimalist approach to his father’s home-brewed sake.

  • Differential Phases
    Dir: Kawaguchi Hajime
    Video / 50 min

  • Danchi Zake
    Dir: Ono Satoshi
    Video / 49 min