2001-06-27 | Other Festival programs
New Asian Currents
Currently under selection. Films in this section will be announced in early July.

Robert Kramer Retrospective (tentative title)
Winner of YIDFF’s The Mayor’s Prize for Route One / USA in 1989, jury for the International Competition in 1997, a sudden death in 1999; Robert Kramer’s works are featured in this special program.

Kamei Fumio Retrospective (tentative title)
We bring together the films of director Kamei Fumio, which could be described as the foundation of Japanese documentary making. Not only his documentaries but also features and PR films have been included, in order to bring the full picture of this documentary maker to light. Scheduled for exhibition are Kamei’s pre-war masterpieces Soldiers at the Front (Fighting Soldiers) (1938) and Kobayashi Issa (1941), his post-war representative work It’s Good To Live (Ikiteite yokatta), and more.

Japanese Panorama
(tentative title)
A kaleidoscope view on the current state of Japanese documentary making.

Special Invitation Films
A selection of important new documentaries from around the world. Includes a slate of films by Johan van der Keuken who passed away in January of this year.