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New Asian Currents Special Invitation Film

This year’s New Asian Currents showcases films and filmmakers that have never-before screened at Yamagata. Come to the Yamagata Forum theatre, where you can be sure to expect new encounters.

Venues: Forum 3, 5

Philip Cheah (SINGAPORE / Film Critic)
Takashi Toshiko (JAPAN / Dir. Nango jazzzzzzzzz)


-Are You Listening!
BANGLADESH / 2012 / Bengali / Color / 89 min
Director: Kamar Ahmad Simon

In a small coastal village, children and adults stand together to face the life-or-death crisis of a cyclone. In defense of their community, they fight for the newly-built levies in this film that depicts their resilient, yet flexible lifestyle of back-against-water.

Oct. 12 F3 | Oct. 14 F5


-Denok & Gareng
INDONESIA / 2012 / Indonesian / Color / 89 min
Director: Dwi Sujanti Nugraheni

Gareng and Denok raise pigs in the modest house of Gareng’s mother. Despite constant worry over the education of their son and Gareng’s father’s debt, the film captures a family life with no deficit of jokes nor laughter.

Oct. 11 F3 | Oct. 12 F5


-The End of the Special Time We Were Allowed
JAPAN / 2013 / Japanese / Color / 151 min
Director: Ota Shingo

The film’s protagonist, director’s friend took his own life with a suicide note pleading that this film be completed. Moving in and out of documentary and fiction, the story becomes chaotic and soon drifts toward destruction.

Oct. 12 F5 | Oct. 14 F3


-Ex Press
THE PHILIPPINES / 2011 / Filipino, English / Color, B&W / 90 min
Director: Jet Leyco

On board a train stopped by a landslide, the director weaves fables from his camera window—the news press and the workers at the site, stories of a railway policeman, the New People’s Army, and those who live along the train tracks.

Oct. 12 F3 | Oct. 14 F5


-Gold Underground
CHINA / 2012 / Chinese / Color, B&W / 138 min
Directors: Li Xiaofeng, Jia Kai

Like the Gold Rush, the coal mines in Yulin suck people in. Miners, management, truck drivers, and a woman who hires drivers out of her shop—this film depicts each of their worlds in unique perspectives.

Oct. 12 F3 | Oct. 14 F5


-Iron Age
KOREA / 2013 / Korean / Color / 38 min
Director: Jung Ji-yoon

Can a film fill the voids that a mother and daughter each possess? An age of violence gradually materializes before the camera, as the director confronts her mother who was incarcerated for her political activism in the 70’s.

-War Is a Tender Thing
THE PHILIPPINES / 2013 / Filipino, English / Color / 51 min
Director: Adjani Arumpac

The director shares her family’s stories, chronicling her parents who live on Mindanao Island and her ancestors who share Christian and Muslim roots. A personal documentary that looks into its war-torn history through the perspective of the family.

Oct. 11 F3 | Oct. 14 F5


AFGHANISTAN / 2012 / Dari / B&W / 60 min
Directors: Malek Shafi’i, Diana Saqeb

Afghani women organize protests in their country in pursuit of human rights for women. The directors listen to what these activists have in their hearts. Joining them in their advocacy, they record their true feelings.

Oct. 12 F5 | Oct. 14 F3


-Mrs. Bua’s Carpet
VIETNAM / 2011 / Vietnamese / Color / 35 min
Director: Duong Mong Thu

Tortured by the American soldiers during the Vietnam War, Mrs. Bua lives in a village where people who took different sides during the war live in peace. Experiences of war shared in everyday conversation become the village’s collective memory.

-We Want (U) to Know
CAMBODIA / 2011 / Khmer, English / Color / 54 min
Directors: Ella Pugliese, Nou Va, The people of Thnol Lok

What happened in the time of Pol Pot? The directors work together with villagers unearth the truth. The film is an attempt to revive peoples’ memories through the retelling and reenactment of events, allowing those memories to be passed to the next generation.

Oct. 12 F3 | Oct. 13 F5


-Raging Land 3: Three Valleys
HONG KONG / 2011 / Cantonese / Color / 310 min
Directors: Chan Yin Kai, Choi Yuen Villagers

The people of Choi Yuen village are forced to relocate for the construction of a high-speed rail system. The director joins them in protest and extensively records their daily farm work, discussions and direct action, over a long period of shooting.

Oct. 11 F5 | Oct. 13 F3


-South of the Clouds
CHINA / 2012 / Chinese / Color / 80 min
Director: Wang Erzhuo

A personal documentary that captures the director’s aunt who runs a beauty parlor in Yunnan. From her mouth pour words, which tell stories of her childhood, love and family, as well as the aunt’s love for the director.

Oct. 11 F5 | Oct. 13 F3


-Summer Days in Bloom
KOREA / 2012 / Korean / Color / 73 min
Directors: Roh Eun-ji, Go U-jung

“I have a boyfriend now!” After hearing the news from their gay friend, the directors start to film the new couple as they begin living together. She captures their active lives as gay men living with HIV, solidifying their love in the form of memory.

Oct. 11 F3 | Oct. 13 F5


-The Targeted Village
JAPAN / 2013 / Japanese, English / Color, B&W / 91 min
Director: Mikami Chie

In Okinawa, the people of Takae village are convicted by the Japanese government for obstructing traffic in their struggle against the construction of new helipads. Their story embodies U.S. military strategy dating back to the Vietnam War, the blocking of the gates to the Futenma base, and their town’s rage against their state.

Oct. 12 F5 | Oct. 14 F3


-Jalan Jati—Teak Road
SINGAPORE / 2012 / No Dialogue / Color / 24 min
Director: Lucy Davis

Tracing back the DNA of a single piece of teak, the history of colonization, modernization, and logging in Southeast Asia become visible. Through the use of photographs and animation, a unique journey through time and space begins.

-In-Between Days
INDIA / 2012 / Bengali / Color / 58 min
Director: Sankhajit Biswas

Everyone passes through the road of youth. So do transgendered people. Focusing on two young friends, this film colorfully depicts the opposite, daily realities its transgendered characters and the sisters who support them face.

Oct. 11 F3 | Oct. 13 F5


-To Sing To Live
CHINA / 2013 / Chinese / Color / 62 min
Director: Zhao Gang

A Sichuan opera group performs daily in a self-built theater. Surrounded by tightly knit extended family relationships, a young, rising star continues to perform to an elderly audience while worrying about the path her life will take.

Oct. 11 F5 | Oct. 13 F3


-Tondo, Beloved: To What Are the Poor Born?
THE PHILIPPINES / 2012 / Filipino / Color / 76 min
Director: Jewel Maranan

A mother of three sons living in Tondo is now pregnant with her fourth. Their living space, ringing with the various sounds of the nearby Manila port, jars the senses as it is transformed into cinematic time.

Oct. 11 F3 | Oct. 13 F5


-Two Meters of This Land
PALESTINE / 2012 / Arabic, English, French / Color, B&W / 80 min
Director: Ahmad Natche

The preparations for an outdoor music festival are underway near the tomb of poet Mahmoud Darwish. This film documents the space leading up to the event, where reality and fiction coexist, creating a unique cinematic world.

Oct. 12 F5 | Oct. 14 F3

New Asian Currents Special Invitation Film

The Last Moose of Aoluguya
CHINA / 2013 / 100 min
Director: Gu Tao

The sequel to Aoluguya, Aoluguya . . . and Yuguo and His Mother (Ogawa Shinsuke Prize, YIDFF 2011) follows five years in the lives of one family of the Ewenki tribe, who lived deep within the Aoluguya forest until they were forced to relocate. Aoluguya Trilogy will be screened.

Oct. 15 F5