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The search engine is not case sensitive. One can use keywords in the title search, but parts of words will also come up (e.g., "war" will pick up "East of War", but also "Awara Soup"). Keyword searches only cover the synopsis field. Use the pop-up menu for country searches. The engine does not currently handle Boolean operators, but a string of words will be treated as an "and" search (e.g., "war peace" will pull up records containing both "war" and "peace"). You can do multiple field searches and if you get too many hits on the first result, you can do a "squeeze" search, adding a new parameter, to narrow it down.

Information contained in the database is simply a reproduction of what was provided by the entrants themselves on their entry forms, but if you notice any mistakes, please feel free to e-mail us. Non-entrants to the YIDFF will be added to expand this database.

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