Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival '97 Publications / index


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COMP : Competition Films
JURY : Juror's Films
ASIA : New Asian Currents
80's DOC : The Pursuit of Japanese Documentary
PANORAMA : Japanese Panorama
IMPERIAL : Imperial Japan at the Movies



Africas: How Are You Doing with the Pain? (COMP)
Ah Ming's Macau (ASIA)
Alpine Ballad (COMP)
Amsterdam Global Village (COMP)
Ary Left for the City (ASIA)



The Battle of Shanghai (IMPERIAL
Beautiful Scenery in Taiwan (IMPERIAL
Behind the Threshold (ASIA)
Benposta - Children's Republic (80s DOC)
Berdjoang (IMPERIAL)
Berita Film di Djawa No.2 - Celebration of the Emperor's birthday (IMPERIAL)
Berita Film di Djawa No.7 (IMPERIAL)
Berita Film di Djawa No.14 - Volunteer for the Army (IMPERIAL)
Berita Film di Djawa No.18 - Nomination of the Native Governor (IMPERIAL)
Between Sky and Earth (IMPERIAL)
A Bit Bitter (ASIA)
The Bombing of Canton (IMPERIAL)
Bontoc Eulogy (ASIA)
A Burning Star (ASIA)



Call for Romusha (IMPERIAL)
Chen Tsi-gen and His Neighbors (ASIA)
Children of Troubled Times (IMPERIAL)
Children Only Once (ASIA)
La ComèdieFrançaise ou l'amour joué (COMP)



Dawn of Freedom (IMPERIAL)
Days at Jinchaji (IMPERIAL)
Days of Yan'an (IMPERIAL)
Devil Bridge (ASIA)
The Diary of Yan'an (IMPERIAL)
Djawa Baharoe No.4 - Indonesian Language Training in Japan (IMPERIAL)
Djawa Bahroe No.7 -Let's Save Money (IMPERIAL)
Dreams of Changjiang (ASIA)



The Emperor of Manchukuo Visits to Japan (IMPERIAL)
The Emperor's Naked Army Marches On (80s DOC)
Experimentum Crucis (ASIA)



A Fading Flower (ASIA)
Female Students of Taipei (IMPERIAL)
15 Days (80s DOC)
The Fired Workers (ASIA)
Flower Giant (IMPERIAL)
For Fun (JURY)
The Forgotten Future (ASIA)
Formosa (IMPERIAL)
The Four Hundred Million (IMPERIAL)
From the Window of a Train (IMPERIAL)
Fragments Jerusalem (COMP)



Go Ahead! My Fellow Citizen of All China (IMPERIAL)
Good Children of East Asia (IMPERIAL)
Goodbye Movie (80s DOC)
A Grasscutter's Tale (80s DOC)
Guerrillas Sweep The Plain (IMPERIAL)



Habitual Sadness (SPECIAL)
Hidden Story of Yi Dynasty (IMPERIAL)
The Hidden Truth: The Records of Korean B- and C- Class War Criminals (PANORAMA)
Homesick Eyes (COMP)
Hong Kong Before the War (IMPERIAL)
Hong Kong Road Movie (ASIA)
A Hundred Sweethearts (PANORAMA)



I Left the War (ASIA)
I'm a Girl Like the Others (ASIA)
Indonesia Raya (IMPERIAL)
The Innocent Sea (80s DOC)
In Search of the Dragon's Tale (ASIA)
Interview at Clean Center (80s DOC)
Island of Light (80s DOC)



Japanese Crown Prince Hirohito Visits to Taiwan (IMPERIAL)
Japanese Policemen Go to the Village of Taiwanese Natives (IMPERIAL)
A Japanese Village - Furuyashikimura (80s DOC)



Khabar Dai Toa No.45 -Tojo Hideki's Visit to Singapore (IMPERIAL)
Kyoto, My Mother's Place (80s DOC)



The Labyrinth (ASIA)
Leaving for the Front Lines, Mobilizing Spirit (IMPERIAL)
Level 5 (SPECIAL)
Daily Life of Romusha (IMPERIAL)
Lines from the Heart (COMP)
The Little Gayo Singer (ASIA)
Living on Kotobuki Street (80s DOC)
London Brief (COMP)
Love of Their Neighbors (IMPERIAL)
Love's Debris (JURY)
Lullaby (ASIA)



A Magic Mystic Marketplace (ASIA)
Magino Story - Pass (80s DOC)
Magino Story - Raising Silkworms (80s DOC)
Magino Village - A Tale (80s DOC)
MaMa (80s DOC)
Memory of the Soil (ASIA)
The Moments We Lived (80s DOC)
Momotaro - Divine Troops of the Ocean (IMPERIAL)
Mother Dao the Turtlelike (SPECIAL)
Mothers (80s DOC)
Moveable Feast (ASIA)
My Own (JURY)



Nampo Hodo No.1 - Volunteer Army for Defence, etc. (IMPERIAL)
Nampo Hodo Extra - Future Independence of East India (IMPERIAL)
Nampo Hodo No.26 - Japanese Speech Contest,etc. (IMPERIAL)
Nampo Hodo No.43 Extra - Preparing for Independence, etc. (IMPERIAL)
Nampo no Tomo e (IMPERIAL)
Nao - chan (80s DOC)
Natural Farming (80s DOC)
Neon Goddesses (ASIA)
Never Ending Summer (SPECIAL)
Never Forget the Past (IMPERIAL)
A New Story of Soap (80s DOC)
Nippon Presents (IMPERIAL)
No.16, Barkhor South Street (ASIA)
Not That Way but This (80s DOC)



Occupation: Mill Worker (ASIA)
Ode to Mt. Hayachine (80s DOC)
The Ondekoza (80s DOC)
One Month with Ms. Toriyama and Children (80s DOC)
Osaka - People's Town (80s DOC)
Out of Phoenix Bridge (ASIA)



Palestine 1976-1983 (80s DOC)
Paper Heads (COMP)
Paradise (ASIA)
People of Rokkasho (80s DOC)
Personal Memoir of Hong Kong: Still Love You After All These (SPECIAL)
Personal Memoir of Hong Kong: As Time Goes By (SPECIAL)
Phases of Real (PANORAMA)
Pleasure Trip (IMPERIAL)
Political Participation of Indonesians (IMPERIAL)
A Port in Vain (ASIA)
Private Wars (COMP)
Production (ASIA)
Protect My Country (IMPERIAL)
A Purple Handkerchief (ASIA)



River Colors (ASIA)
Ruins of Roppongi (80s Doc)



Sayon's Bell (IMPERIAL)
Scenes of Yan'an (IMPERIAL)
Shishosetsu (PANORAMA)
Sketch of Taiwanese Natives (IMPERIAL)
The Sound of Silence (ASIA)
The Sound of Tiny Wings (80s DOC)
Spade of Light: Building a Greater East Asia (IMPERIAL)
The Story of Wu Fong (IMPERIAL)
Surrender of the Japanese Army in Borneo (IMPERIAL)
Surrender of the Japanese Army in Singapore (IMPERIAL)



Taiwanese Natives in Taizhong Go to Japan (IMPERIAL)
Tender Fictions (COMP)
Thnoat Chroum (ASIA)
Tiger of Malaya (IMPERIAL)
3+1 (COMP)
Time Blows On (80s DOC)
To Be Alive! (ASIA)
Tojo Hideki's Visit to Java (IMPERIAL)
Tonari Gumi (IMPERIAL)
Tonari Gumi, Tongan (IMPERIAL)
The Trained Chinese Tongue (ASIA)
Tu as crié LET ME GO (COMP)
Tunnel Warfare (IMPERIAL)



Umitori - Robbing of the Sea: Shimokita Peninsula (80s DOC)
The Unconquerable (ASIA)
U.O (80s DOC)



Victory (IMPERIAL)
Victory of Freedom (IMPERIAL)
Visiting a Shrine / Student Soldiers on Maneuvers (IMPERIAL)



Walk the Walk (JURY)
The Way (ASIA)
The Weald (COMP)
We Are Not Your Monkeys (ASIA)
What Do You Think about the War Responsibility of Emperor Hirohito? (PANORAMA)
When Mother Comes Home for Christmas... (COMP)
Winter Settlement (IMPERIAL)
Wiping Away the Tears with Fists of Anger (80s DOC)
Women Walk Together (IMPERIAL)
Work and Work (ASIA)



YAMA - Attack to Attack (80s DOC)
Young Pioneers - Volunteer Pioneer Youth Army of Mongolia and Manchuria (IMPERIAL)
Yuntanza Okinawa (80s DOC)


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