Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival '97 Publications / index / Program

The Pursuit of Japanese Documentary:
The 1980s and Beyond

Oct. 6
Kato Tai's Hidden Documentary
The Ondekoza

Oct. 7
The Work of Ogawa Shinsuke
Interview at Clean Center
Magino Story--Raising Silkworms
Magino Story--Pass
A Japanese Village--Furuyashikimura
Magino Village--A Tale

Oct. 8
After Ogawa Productions
Living on Kotobuki Street
A Grasscutter's Tale
The Sound of Tiny Wings
Selected Films of the 1980s
Ode to Mt. Hayachine
The Innocent Sea
The Emperor's Naked Army Marches On

Oct. 9
A Must See Collection of Unique Films
The Moments We Lived
Palestine 1976-1983
YAMA--Attack to Attack
Wiping Away Tears with Fists of Anger

Oct. 10
(National Holiday)
Following Tsuchimoto's Footsteps
A New Story of Soap
People of Rokkasho
Osaka--A People's Town
Yuntanza Okinawa
Special Presentation--by Tsuchimoto Noriaki
Umitori--Robbing of the Sea: Shimokita Peninsula

Oct. 11
Personal Documentaries
15 Days
Time Blows On
Ruins of Roppongi
Goodbye Movie
The Pursuit of Japanese Documentary

Oct. 12
For Family Viewing
Not That Way but This
One Month with Ms. Toriyama and Children
Benposta--Children's Republic
Reverence for Nature
Island of Light
Natural Farming
Oshima Nagisa's Unscreened Documentary
Kyoto, My Mother's Place

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