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The Forgotten Future

Director, Editing, Producer: Ononbat Sedbazar, Tulga Radnaa
Script: L.Badamhand, D.Haliun
Photography: Ts. Ganseree
Music: D.Ulzyiorshin
Production Company, Source: On'n Off Productions
P.O.Box 181 Ulaanbaatar-38 MONGOLIA
Phone & Fax: 976-1-312067
MONGOLIA / 1994 / Mongolian / Color / Video / 74 min

Ononbat Sedbazar

Born in 1970 in Ulaanbaatar. Began work in TV as assistant director for Mongolian TV Station in 1989, going on to Ulaanbaatar TV Station and SUMU commercial TV company. He has been working with On'n Off Production since 1994. His interests are music, films, and computers.

Tulga Radnaa

Born in 1967 in Ulaanbaatar. Began work as assistant director for Mongolian TV Station in 1988, going on to Ulaanbaatar TV Station, SUMU commercial TV company, and On'n Off Production since 1994. His interests are films and reading. On'n Off Production is the first private company in Mongolia specializing in video production and show business.


A fiery commentary on post-socialist Mongolia, from two young directors who record the realities facing children as crime, prostitution, and homelessness increase in the wake of recent economic instability. The directors, using techniques borrowed from their experience making music video clips, create a persuasive picture with visual impact.

Director's Statement

This film is about the so-called "stray" children. Left without care these children will bring about a totally different future for today's Mongolian society.

It was announced in the press last winter that for the first time the M. Enkhsaikhan government devoted funds so that "stray" children could pass through the severe winter warm. This is similar to taking care of one's own animals, cutting hay, building shelters in order to pass the winter without loss. But a child is not just limited to not starving, being clothed, and spending the winter in a building with heating. They also have rights to study and learn, to be healthy. Society carries this responsibility. A society must be responsible in the face of history for providing the children with their rights to grow up and develop in a human way.
Although this problem can be addressed like this, the weak economy of Mongolia is stuck in the process of change and it is obvious that the stray children problem cannot be solved by Mongolians today.

It's a tragedy in life when children are left without care and deprived of their childhood as a result of irresponsible parents and bad society. This tragedy did not originate from the children. We realize it's the responsibility and duty of whoever feels passionate about them to help them in everyway to end this suffer. That's why we accepted the offer from Children Protection Organization of England and made this film. We hope this film about suffering children will cause some very humane passionate feelings about them.


Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival Organizing Committee