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Palestine 1976-1983

(19k) Staff: Okura Keiichi, Omori Masataka, Shirokawa Keiko,
Toyoda Naomi, Osada Yuichi, Nunokawa Tetsuro, Hirano Kenji, Mitsui Mineo
Music: Sakaguchi Hiroki
Sound: Katsumata Munenori, Soeda Yukiharu
1983 / Color / 16mm / 111 min /
Arabic and English with Japanese subtitles

Nunokawa Tetsuro is a roaming, "borderless" documentarian. He filmed the student movement in 1967 and fighting workers in 1970, went on to create the Nihon Documentarist Union (N.D.U.) and then travelled to Okinawa. After having worked in Korea, Taiwan and the United States, Nunokawa ended up in Palestine. Starting with a scene of a refugee camp in Israeli-occupied Gaza in 1976, the film features shots of various districts, dispensing with narration and interspersing interviews with Palestinian people and fedayeen (guerrillas) in the rubble of Western Beirut. Children who lost their parents in bombings are educated to be soldiers at their orphanage. They say that they want to be soldiers or heroes. Boys and girls sing: "We don't want money. We don't want to play. We will carry guns and enter the Revolutionary Army." Two years after the filming began, the girls have grown but they have not changed their minds. Nunokawa and his crew members continued filming until 1983, attempting also to interview Arafat, chair of the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization). These were invaluable interviews in a time when it was difficult to communicate the conditions in Palestine.


Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival Organizing Committee