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Out of Phoenix Bridge

Director, Photography, Editing: Li Hong
Photography, Sound: Meng Fan
Producer: Li Hong, Meng Fan
Source: Li Hong
phone: 86-10-67144247 / Fax: 86-10-67136578
CHINA / 1997 / Chinese / Color / Video / 110 min

Li Hong

Born in 1967 in Beijing, studied TV and film production in Beijing Broadcast Institute. Started making short TV documentaries in 1991. Started filming Out of Phoenix Bridge in 1994, her first independently produced documentary.


Four girls from the countryside live crammed in a small room in Beijing. Yet despite long hours of hard work and sad living conditions, these may be the freest years of their lives. Out of Phoenix Bridge follows the rising and faltering of hopes and dreams as they reluctantly return to the closed world of their hometown and future husbands.

Director's Statement

I spent three years filming four young female migrant workers in Beijing. As an urban dweller, I had had many pre-conceived notions about these girls from the countryside. What I discovered, however, left me speechless. Out of Phoenix Bridge is indeed a record of this speechless process.
I first met these girls in a small room in Beijing. Four girls were crammed into this space of less than six square meters, yet those days might be the freest time of their lives. Before they had come to Beijing, in their hometown, they were daughters belonging to their parents; when they go back to Phoenix Bridge, they would be wives belonging to their husbands. It was only in Beijing that they could have a slice of dream, dreaming of changing their fate.


Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival Organizing Committee