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Ah Ming's Macau

Director, Script,Editing: Chu Iao-ian
Photography: Henry Chung
Music: Goh Misawa
Sound: Par Ksou-pong
Cast: Chi Tat-heang, Wai Chan-van
Production Company, Source: Rachel Production
2006 Vancouver Ave. Monterey Park, CA 91754 USA
Phone: 1-213-526-1688 / Fax: 1-818-284-5325
MACAO/ 1996 / Cantonese / Color / 16mm / 19 min

Chu Iao-ian

Chu Iao-ian was born and raised in Macau. He got his Master Degree in Film Production in the school of Cinema-TV of University of Southern California in 1997. He is now a freelance filmmaker. Ah Ming's Macau is his Master Thesis project. It has entered several film festivals in USA.


Ah Ming is a film student in the U.S. who returns to his hometown to try to make the first Macao movie. While using narrative to depict Ah Ming's struggles to complete his own film, the director intersperses interviews of various Macao citizens who speak about their needs and feelings about their city. The final collage expresses the diverse voices of a city that faces a turning point in 1999, when it reverts to China.

Director's Statement

Macau? Where is it?
When Ah Ming's Macau was shown in Macau last year, critics said it was the first Macau movie or the first movie talked about Macau people in its 400 years as a colony of Portugal.

The importance of this movie is not only that it deals with the return of this place to China, but also that it is a rare cultural product reflecting the voices of Macau people who are seldom known to the outside world.


Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival Organizing Committee