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A Fading Flower

Director, Script, Producer: Ng Kwok-leung
Photography: Kwan Pun-leung
Editing: Ng Kwok-leung, Kwan Pun-leung
Source: Ng Kwok-leung
1/F, 11 Cheung Sha Wan Road, HONG KONG2
Phone: 852-23971697 / Fax: 852-23971732
HONG KONG / 1995 / Cantonese / Color / Video / 18 min

Ng Kwok-leung

Born in 1962 in Hong Kong.


A Fading Flower looks to the past, as it celebrates the life and art of a famous actress of Cantonese opera in the 1950s. Without the conventional use of historical footage or commentary, the filmmaker provokes the imagination of the viewer through aesthetic images and scratchy archival recordings.

Director's Statement

Ms. Pak Suet-sin's adoration and devotion to the Cantonese opera awakened the souls of the dainty actresses in many classic plays. She, together with the characters, laughed, cried, and experienced the sorrow and joy in life. By the time she faded out from the stage, the characters were forced to return to quietness and loneliness. On what grounds do arts rest?

This is a piece of work related to Ms. Pak Suet-sin, an actor of the Cantonese opera; no actor is tailor-made for this video. Voice-over by Ms. Lo Koon-lan.


Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival Organizing Committee