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In Search of the Dragon's Tale

Director, Editing, Producer: See Wan-kei, Haymann Lau
Script: See Wan-Kei
Photography: Yi Chiu-kwan
Music: Maurice Chan Chu-chiu,Thomas Chui Kwok-fai,
Daryl Leung Wai-kuen, Jerry Lee , Andy Wong
Appearances: Maurice Chan Chu-chiu, Mrs.Chan, Law Chi-wai,
K.K.Law, Simon Go, Fu Chun-wai, Lam Po-chung
Production Company: Flying Dragon Productions Ltd.
Source: Tom Lau
Flat 34 A, Block 34, Shatin City One, Shatin, HONG KONG
Phone: 852-26451578 / Fax: 852-26450278
e-mail: haymann@hongkong.com
HONG KONG / Cantonese / Color / Video / 48 min

See Wan-kei

Has been involved in production and post-production in the video business since 1986. Worked on various corporate and broadcast documentaries, promos, etc. He is currently completing his first novel, working on screenplays for Hong Kong cinema, and learning Cantonese. In Search of the Dragon's Tale is a collaboration with his partner Haymann Lau.

Haymann Lau

A local 'Hong Kongese,' she returned from studies in UK and started a lingerie business aimed at new markets such as Russia. Also became involved in international telecommunications management. Fluent in English, French, Cantonese and other Chinese dialects, she has worked with international film crews and film festivals.


Following the intriguing story of a Hong Kong street musician, In Search of the Dragon's Tale investigates the Walled City of Kowloon, once dubbed the sleaziest place in Hong Kong. Although it was destroyed in 1992 for political reasons, lighthearted interviews and humorous data about its past glory shed light on the joys, troubles, and lifestyles of the average Hong Kong citizen.

Director's Statement

We avoided the orthodox formula of authoritative documentary narration and typical imagery of Hong Kong as seen in so many other documentaries. Instead, we endeavoured to bring out a balanced portrait of life in the Walled City; that is, to show that the community was fully-formed and functioning in all capacities, not just the criminal elements, as is stereotypically thought. The archival footage and statistical facts were added to provide a larger framework in which to view the Walled City. We wanted most of all, to make the journey fun for both ourselves and the viewer--to show the community as having a sense of humour (which we enjoyed throughout the videotaping) despite their hardships. We hope this humour shows through in the finished work.


Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival Organizing Committee