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A Bit Bitter


Director, Editing: Jung Ji-woo
Script: Jung Ji-woo, Park Chan-ok
Photography: Lee Doo-man, Kim Hong-guk
Music: Lee Won-kyung
Sound: Kim Jin-sang
Cast: Noh Mi-young, Noh Dong-woo
Producer: Kim Yong-kyun, Yim Phil-sung
Source: CHUNG NYUN Independent Films
151-015, 301/1420-15, Shillim 5-Dong, Kwanak-Gu, Seoul
Phone: 82-2-873-2378 / Fax: 82-2-871-2378
e-mail: CNCINEMA@hitel.net
KOREA / 1996 / Korean / Color / 16mm /14 min

Jung Ji-woo

Graduated from Han Yang University, Drama and Film Department. Filmography includes Mixed Identity (89), Straight Forward (92), Cliffy (94). As director of photography, The Expedition (94), On Leave (96). A Bit Bitter won the Best Film, Artistic Merit, Young Critic's Awards at the Third Seoul Short Film Festival. Chung-Nyun Films is an independent film production group.


Awarded Best Film at Seoul Short Film Festival 1996, this film depicts the crushing psychological fatigue a housewife experiences in her everyday life in a working class household. The husband is a union activist whose grand liberal ideals are nowhere to be seen in his family life. The wife struggles to make ends meet, overburdened by emotional stress. The narrative style is that of a feature film, while the director succeeds in conveying an actual realism.

Director's Statement

Viewing A Bit Bitter requires a contextual understanding of Korea in the 80s. It was a time dictatorship of the military regime was at its utmost peak, hence an age of repression especially for the young generation. Those youths, now aging and wearied in the diverted political climate of the 90s, are the ones this film seeks to look into.

I wanted to talk about our common everyday lives. I especially wanted to talk about the people who are living hard lives through the 90s with their children named after 'democracy' or 'freedom' or 'liberty.' Having lived through the late 80s, I greatly admire and respect their lives while at the same time feel deep pain in my heart for them.

From now on I must refrain from thinking back to the past and instead take courage to make a new start. Now I want to change myself starting from this movie.


Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival Organizing Committee