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Director, Script, Editing, Music, Sound:
Wang Jian-wei
Photography: Chu Jian-ping
Producer: Li Wei, Chen Wei-min
Source: Wang Jian-wei
#705, 41-lou, Huayan-Beili, Chaoyan-qu, Beijing 100029
CHINA / 1996 / Chinese / Color / Video / 60 min

Wang Jian-wei

Born in 1958 in Sichuan Province, China. Received his Master's degree from the Oil Painting Department of the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts. Now makes his living as a professional artist. His acclaimed Tea painting series, showing villagers drinking in the local teahouse have been exhibited internationally. Exhibitions include "China's New Art, Post-1989" (Hong Kong Arts Centre, 93 and Marlborough Fine Art Clondon Ltd, GB, 93), "New Asian Art Show-1995" (Osaka and Tokyo, Japan, 95), "95 Kwangju Biennale" (infoART Kwangju, Korea, 95), "Asia-Pacific of Contemporary Art Triennial" (Brisbane, Australia, 96), "Documenta X Kassel" (Kassel, Germany, 97).


A series of images of Sichuan teahouses shot with a handy camcorder by a young artist whose installations and paintings have been representative of Chinese contemporary art in exhibits around the world. The filmmaker explores emerging forms and space in the context of understanding a mechanism of information transmission, a theme that is also apparent in his installation works.

Director's Statement

The main setting of Production is a Sichuan teahouse, where the place, environment, conversation, and people's behavior are the "products." Also presented at the teahouse are conversations delivered by way of "expressing-transmitting-receiving" (i.e., conversing and gossipping) of messages and the mode of thinking deriving from the conversations in everyday life. The teahouse, rid of its sole and practical function (that of folkways) is presented as a multi-functional place:

  1. a place depicting a way of life and conditions
  2. a place where information is transmitted and communicated
  3. a place where daily conversations and the mode of thinking are transformed from one to the other
  4. a place showing the interaction between the public and the individual

By showing a way of life and "natural" social daily conducts, the teahouse "anonymously" depicts a mutually- targeted relationship between the individual and the public.


Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival Organizing Committee