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River Colors

Director, Script, Photography, Editing, Produce:
Christoph Janetzko
Music: Makin Fung Bing-fai
Source: Christoph Janetzko
Eco Ville #67, Metropolitan Ave.Makati City, Metro Manila
Phone & Fax: 63-2-8967382
THAILAND, GERMANY / 1995 / Thai / Color / 16mm / 60 min

Christoph Janetzko

From 1976 to 82, studied Fine Art in Germany, obtaining "Masters of Fine Art" and teaching at the same school until 1987. Lived in Berlin as independent filmmaker and working in many capacities in Germany, USA, and Asia, e.g. as cinematographer, film editor, film producer, and film director for feature and documentary film productions (cinema and TV). Guest professor at the Academy of Fine Art in Berlin. Conducted film production workshops in Toronto, Manila, Glasgow, Rio de Janeiro, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Seoul, and seminars on experimental film in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Kyoto, Los Angeles. Based in Bangkok and Manila since 1994.


Observations through a slowly gliding camera on the canals of Thailand reveal the living quarters and open lifestyles of people living right on the waterfront. A uniquely filmic spatial illusion is created, accented by an outstanding soundscape. Filmmaker Christoph Janetzko's work as producer and film workshop instructor has supported many Asian experimental filmmakers, several whose work has been introduced at past YIDFFs. Sound designer Makin Fung Bing-fai's directorial work is selected for this year's New Asian Currents as well.

Director's Statement

River Colors shows everyday life in the rather remote Klongs in the swamp regions of Nonthaburi. On the bank of the canal stand small one-story wooden houses in different Thai architectural styles. The inhabitants' open lifestyle and space is the basis of the film's visual and acoustic concept. The continuous smooth camera movement, shot from a slowly gliding river boat, gives the viewer glimpses and insights and creates the filmic spatial illusion, the imaginary space behind the screen. The films' peaceful and contemplative mood is only a reflection of a lifestyle based on Buddhist religion, enhanced by the sound design of the Hong Kong based music and video artist Makin Fung Bing Fai.


Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival Organizing Committee