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Time Blows On

(18k) Production Company: Kanai Katsumaru Productions
Director: Kanai Katsu
Photography: Hosoi Yasuaki, Nagai Hiroyoshi
Art Director: Takane Hiroaki
Music: Mori Junji, Takahashi Shuji
Sound: Suzuki Takeo
Lighting: Kuwana Heiji
Cast: Jonouchi Motoharu, Takahashi Takahide, Takahashi Yoko, Yamamoto Yoshiya, Aiyama Karuko,
Mori Ano, Watari Maki, Musasabi Doji
Sung by: Yamamoto Yumiko
Narrators: Kanda Kurenai, Someya Kingo
1991 / Color / 16mm / 64 min

As the first part of this "tanka-haiku-freestyle poetry cinema" trilogy, Kanai Katsu uses the tanka piece Dream Run ("Yume hashiru") in which the main actor, Jonouchi Motoharu, plays Kanai himself. Dream Run is a fiction film in which a young express messenger heads toward distant Osaka, carrying a love letter from an old man to a woman called Oden. However, after this first section was shot, Jonouchi, who was also a filmmaker, lost his life in a car accident. He was one of the main figures at the start of the Tokyo underground film movement. In response to Jonouchi's death, Kanai changed direction and dedicated the final two parts of the trilogy as a tribute to him. In the film Kanai himself mourns Jonouchi's passing. Explaining the later's importance as a "main man" in the movement, he then switches to the haiku poem section titled One Game Grasshopper ("Ippon shobu no kirigirisu"). In an 11 minute long take, featuring Kanai himself as a performer, a strange world is revealed alongside the homage to Jonouchi. This is followed by the final freestyle poetry section Jo's Poem Can be Heard ("Jo no uta ga kikoeru"). Firstly taking a message from Jonouchi in "the other world" as its theme, the latter half of the freestyle section repeats Kanai's poetry against the background of a quotation from an earlier Jonouchi film called Going Down into Shinjuku Station ("Chika ni oriru shinjuku suteshon," 1974). With this unusual combination of three poetic sections and two intermissions, the film Time Blows On is then complete.


Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival Organizing Committee