Cinema with Us 2015

Supported by Association for Corporate Support of the Arts GB Fund, The Shonai Bank Furusato Creation Fund,
and The Kamei Foundation for the Promotion of Social Education

October 10–13   [Venues] Yamagata Museum of Art 1, 5


We are putting on this program for the third time since the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011. In addition to screening new releases, we will also host discussions about the disaster and film.

With the founding of the 311 Documentary Film Archive at the end of 2014, we can even say that Yamagata is slowly but surely becoming a place for people to engage the disaster through film. In a Japan where news is only good for a few hours and where we are accustomed to seeing many distasteful and brazen faces plastered all over the mass media, our soft cries of “we are here with you” may ultimately be futile, drowned in the din. Even so, we must continue on. Excellent films enchant us, inviting us into the depths beyond the screen. With this power, we should be able to continue facing that disaster and the world that has unfurled since.

Nature and Symptoms / From Four Poems  Dir: Iwasaki Takamasa / 2015 / 50 min
Tracing the Future: Photographer Naoya Hatakeyama  Dir: Hatakeyama Yohei / 2014 / 87 min
The Light After the Tsunami  Dir: Sakashita Kiyoshi / 2014 / 89 min
LIVE! LOVE! SING!  Dir: Inoue Tsuyoshi / 2015 / 100 min [Admission Free]

Tell the Prime Minister  Dir: Oguma Eiji / 2015 / 109 min
Paths of Families—Never Forgetting 3/11  Dir: Onishi Nobuo / 2015 / 89 min
Trace of Breath  Dir: Komori Haruka / 2015 / 112 min

Close But Distant  Dir: Okubo Yui / 2015 / 53 min

Nuclear Nation 2011–2015  Dir: Funahashi Atsushi / 2015 / 234 min
Mom! I Have Forgotten Your Face Already  Dir: Endo Michiro / 102 min

Cinema with Us Discussion 1 [Admission Free]
Panelists: Aizawa Kumi, Oguma Eiji, Kitano Hisashi / Moderator: Ogawa Naoto
Cinema with Us Discussion 2 DOMMUNE FUKUSHIMA! [Admission Free]
Panelists: Endo Michiro, Kainuma Hiroshi, Fujii Hikaru / Moderator: Ogawa Naoto