Opening Ceremony
[Date] October 8 (Thu) 18:00  
[Venue] Yamagata Central Public Hall 6F
Opening Film: Visit or Memories and Confessions

Awards Ceremony
[Date] October 14 (Wed) 17:00  
[Venue] Yamagata Central Public Hall 6F
Closing Film: Sepia-Tinted Testimony: Hidden Photos of the Huanggutun Incident

Award Film Screenings
[Date] October 15 (Thu)
The screening program will be announced after the Awards Ceremony.

Discussion, Symposium

Cinema with Us Discussion 1

Panelists: Aizawa Kumi, Oguma Eiji, Kitano Hisashi / Moderator: Ogawa Naoto

[Date] October 11 (Sun) 13:10  
[Venue] Yamagata Museum of Art 5
[Admission] Admission Free

Yamagata and Film
Mori Tatsuya Presents “Truth or Lies” + Discussion

Panelists: Mori Tatsuya, Murakami Kenji, Matsue Tetsuaki and others

[Date] October 12 (Mon) 10:30  
[Venue] Forum 5
[Admission] Admission Free

Yamagata and Film
Symposium: Cinema for Children

Panelists: Maeda Tetsu, Dohi Etsuko and others

[Date] October 12 (Mon) 16:10  
[Venue] Yamagata Museum of Art 1
[Admission] Admission Free

Lecture & Symposium: D.C.P. Projection of Independent Cinema

Keynote Speaker: Chris Fujiwara / Panelists: Julian Ross, John Junkerman, Kato Takanobu and others / Moderator: Murayama Kyoichiro

[Date] October 12 (Mon) 12:00  
[Venue] Yamagata Museum of Art 5
[Admission] Admission Free

Film Criticism Colletive
Symposium: Documentary as Experimental Cinema

Panelists: Chris Fujiwara, Kitakoji Takashi, Kaneko Yu, Philip Cheah, Teng Mangansakan, Chalida Uabumrungjit, Yuki Aditya

[Date] October 12 (Mon) 16:00  
[Venue] Yamagata Museum of Art 5
[Admission] Admission Free

New Asian Currents x Yamagata Rough Cut! x Latinoamérica
Discussion: Creating a Space for Film—Yogyakarta, Andes, Mindanao, Sendai, Kochi

Participants: Dwi Sujanti Nugraheni, Marta Rodríguez, Teng Mangansakan, Sakai Ko, Oki Hiroyuki, Carlos Gómez

[Date] October 12 (Mon) 18:30  
[Venue] Yamagata Museum of Art 5
[Admission] Admission Free

New Asian Currents Special Program
Discussion with the directors of Almost a Revolution (Hong Kong) and Sunflower Occupation (Taiwan)

Moderators: Lim Kah Wai, Akiyama Tamako

[Date] October 13 (Tue) 17:45  
[Venue] Forum 3
[Admission] Admission Free

Cinema with Us Discussion 2

Panelists: Endo Michiro, Kainuma Hiroshi, Fujii Hikaru / Moderator: Ogawa Naoto

[Date] October 13 (Tue) 19:00  
[Venue]Yamagata Museum of Art 1
[Admission] Admission Free

New Asian Currents x Double Shadows Special Program
Symposium: The Magic of Found Footage

Panelists: Edwin, Chalida Uabumrungjit, Yuki Aditya and others / Moderator: Tochigi Akira

[Date] October 13 (Tue) 15:00  
[Venue]Yamagata Museum of Art 5
[Admission] Admission Free

New Asian Currents Special Program
Discussion: Filmmaking in Southeast Asia and Beyond

Moderator: Philip Cheah / Participants: Khin Maung Kyaw, Gym Lumbera, Ghazi Alqutcy, Daniel Hui

[Date] October 13 (Tue) 18:30  
[Venue]Yamagata Museum of Art 5
[Admission] Admission Free


New Asian Currents x Double Shadows Special
Time Spun in Celluloid Thread—Lab Laba-Laba Installation

An exhibition of installation works by Edwin and Rizki Lazuardi, artists from the film preservation collective Lab Laba-Laba. The old photo studio venue (built in 1921) is worth a visit in itself!

[Date] October 9 (Fri) –14 (Wed) 10:30–16:00  
[Venue] Old Photo Studio Nishimura
[Admission] Admission Free

Special Live Concerts!


In connection with the Latinoamérica program
Yamagata Special Concert by Tomi Lebrero
—the next generation from Buenos Aires, Argentina

We will present a one night special live performance by Tomi Lebrero, renowned as a singer song-writer on the contemporary indies scene, and a bandoneon player.

[Date] October 12 (Mon) Start: 20:00
[Venue] FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT (4-16-6 Nanukamachi, Yamagata / 023-624-3511 SUNSET STUDIO)
[Admission] Advance Tickets: 2,500 yen / Door Tickets: 3,000 yen
For advance tickets please contact FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT or the Film Festival office directly.
[In Cooperation with] FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT, Taiyo Record Co., Ltd., NOISE McCARTNEY, Latina, Inc.


In connection with the Arab program
Good bye Schlöndorff—Audio Letters and Correspondence From a Faked War and Ky Acoustic Concert

Lebanese rapper Waël Kodeih (aka Rayess Bek)’s Good bye Schlöndorff, that stole the show at Cannes (Visions Sociales) is coming to Japan in a special Yamagata-only version! There will also be an acoustic performance by Ky! The group’s members are Nakano Maki (Saxophone) and Yann Pittard (Oud, Guitar). Don’t miss it!

[Date] October 11 (Sun) Start: 22:00 (Open: 21:30) (Changed)
[Venue] Forum 4
[Admission] Door Tickets: 2,000 yen
[Co-Presented by] The Sasakawa Peace Foundation The Sasakawa Middle East Islam Fund, openmusic

Festival Related Events

MultipleTap in Yamagata

MultipleTap is a collective of artists engaged in Japan’s “chaotic and extreme” music scene, the only scene of its kind. MultipleTap is hitting the stage at home and abroad. Showcase events from the UK to Mexico, from Germany to China, and now, finally, the much-awaited Yamagata premiere! In addition to documentary film footage of their performances from all around the world, there will also be an extra special live performance by current MultipleTap members.

MultipleTap Mountain  Dir: Ishikawa Ryunosuke / JAPAN / 2015 / Japanese / Color / DVD / Approx. 30 min
Party 51  Dir: Jung Yong-taek / KOREA / 2013 / Korean / Color / DVD / 101 min

[Date] October 10 (Sat) 14:30
[Venue] Yamagata Museum of Art 5
[Admission] Admission Free
[Contact] mail@cherrymusic.info

MultipleTap in Yamagata Part 2

[Date] October 10 (Sat) 21:00
[Venue] RAF-REC
[Admission] 2,000 yen
[Contact] mail@cherrymusic.info


Yamagata Symphony Orchestra YIDFF Special Concert

Conductor: Iimori Norichika / Guest: Kudo Ayano (Voice), Nagata Miho (Piano), Jose Ricardo Castañeda (Oboe)

[Date] October 13 (Tue) 19:00 (Open: 18:15)
[Venue] Yamagata Terrsa
[Admission] S Seating 4,500 yen, A Seating 3,500 yen
[Contact] phone: 023-625-2203 (Yamagata Symphony Orchestra)


Yamagata Cocktail Meeting x YIDFF

We will be holding our popular “Yamagata Cocktail Meeting” during the duration of the film festival. Enjoy cocktails full of fruits grown locally in Yamagata, also known as the “Fruit Kingdom.” Satiate your palette with the delicacies of the season.


Machinaka Nigiwai Festival

Explore the lively local streets! Events and stalls include: Crafts and Craftwork Heaven, the Furatto Machikado Music Festival, “Toast with locally-brewed Yamagata sake!,” and juggling performances. Locally-brewed sake, YIDFF merchandise, and other goods are available for sale.

[Date] October 10 (Sat) 10:00–17:00
[Venues] Nanukamachi avenue, Hottonaru square, Nanukamachi-Ichibangai shopping district, Cinema Street and more

Yamagata Flower Festival 2015

Featuring displays of diverse Yamagata flowers and trees with sale exhibits, flower arrangement lessons, and corsage-making.

[Date] October 10 (Sat) 10:00–16:00, 11 (Sun) 10:00–12:00
[Venue] Az Nanokamachi 3F

Join us for Morning Yoga and Energy Dance! (for the duration of the YIDFF)

Before making your way to watch the documentaries, wake up, refresh, and relax your body with some light movement.

[Date] October 9 (Fri) –13 (Tue) 9:00–9:30
[Venue] Square in front of Yamagata Citizens’ Hall and Yamagata Museum of Art (*Cancelled in case of rain), Yamagata Central Public Hall 5F (October 9–12)
[Admission] Admission Free