Yamagata Rough Cut!

October 9–12   [Venue] Yamagata Museum of Art 5

With the world around us today in the midst of political and economic chaos, it is crucial that we take the time to stop and think about how we can achieve an unfettered imagination. This program is not a forum for presentations aimed at securing funding for film production, nor is it a place to compare the relative merits of various works. Rather, it is an opportunity for filmmakers, critics, researchers and audience members to go beyond their usual roles and come together to examine fragments of the world—“rough cuts”—in the form of short footage from films, regardless of genre, that have yet to be completed, exploring the relationship between these fresh images and our society.

adofinea Are you here? Dir: Muratsu Ran
note Dir: Oura Miran

EMP Dir: Isaka Shu
KIKU project YRC! mix Dir: Nishimura Tomomi

My Sweet and Bitter Village Dir: Okazaki Mayumi
Apo’s four seasons Dir: Yoneda Mai