New Docs Japan

Presenting eight new documentaries that depict the struggles of people engaging with Japanese society, and two omnibus works that present glimpses of Japan today.

Venue: Yamagata Citizens’ Hall (Small Hall)

2011 / Color / Video / 79 min
Director: Akazaki Masakazu

A refreshing directorial debut, capturing a year in the life of the filmmaker’s mentally disabled and autistic younger sister Chizuru, and her mother. It conveys the profound love of the mother for Chizuru despite their occasional clashes, as well as the growth of the filmmaker himself.

Oct. 7 CS

-Give Back Kama’s Rights! 2011
2011 / Color / Video / 50 min
Director: Kim Imman (NDS)

Around 3,300 laborers and street dwellers have registered a small five-story building in a day worker’s district, “Kamagasaki” in Osaka, as their home address. City authorities demand that the address be struck from their records, but the 3,300 fight for their resident registration cards and voting rights!

Oct. 7 CS

-Goodbye UR—Japanese Social Housing Crisis
2011 / Color / Video / 73 min
Director: Hayakawa Yumiko

The demolition of block 73 of the Takahatadai housing complex is suddenly announced by UR (Urban Renaissance Agency, formerly the Japan Housing Corporation). The filmmaker embarks on an investigation all by herself involving concerned residents, UR, and the Land Ministry, exposing their true thoughts and feelings.

Oct. 11 CS

-Never Let Me Go
2010 / Color / Video / 90 min
Director: Tachikawa Kazuya

Children at a foster home who seek love with all their being, and the staff who stay by their side. The camera trains its gaze on the rift between parents and children who live apart, and the home’s family-like atmosphere.

Oct. 8 CS

-September 11
2010 / Color / Video / 78 min
Director: Omiya Koichi

A complete record of a talk session held in Hiroshima by a group of young people who refer to themselves as “nursing care fanatics.” The topics discussed transcend nursing care and branch out in diverse directions, suggesting the creation of a new value system.

Oct. 9 CS

-Transgender Trouble
2011 / Color / Video / 100 min
Director: Ebata Koki

Focusing attention on the voices of transgendered people, and questioning the nature of diverse sexualities by the filmmaker who is also transgender. A dismantling of stereotypical images created by the media begins.

Oct. 8 CS

-True to Myself
2010 / Color / Video / 138 min
Director: Doi Toshikuni

Three teachers who object to compulsion and suppression from administration fight to defend their respective beliefs in their schools. What steps have they taken to maintain their individual identities?

Oct. 9 CS

-Yes, I Am Here
2010 / Color / Video / 97 min
Director: Shimonobo Shuko

Sasaki Chizuko, who lives with cerebral palsy, heads out into the streets everyday sporting blue jeans and pink hair. We share her days of tears and laughter with her cats and helpers, as she struggles with the after effects of a compulsory sterilization operation.

Oct. 11 CS

-Associations of Silverpencils
2011 / Color / 8mm / 96 min
Filmmakers: Mabuchi Toru, Kurihara Mie, Arai Miho, Tachibana Kaoru, Iimura Takahiko, Yamazaki Mikio, Shimada Yukiyasu, Murakami Kenji, Uchimura Shigeta, Otani Takatomi, Nakagawa Kyuya, Fujiwara Sho, Onishi Kenji

A jam session shot on and addressing the theme of 8 mm film, which is on the verge of obsolescence.

Oct. 10 CS

-BETWEEN YESTERDAY & TOMORROW Omnibus Vol. 1 “APRIL 2011,” Omnibus Vol. 2 “MAY 2011”
2011 / Color / Video / Vol.1 (52 min) + Vol.2 (52 min)
Filmmakers: Maeda Shinjiro, Suzuki Hikaru, Arikawa Shigeo, Nakazawa Aki, Kimura Noriyuki, Takashi Toshiko, Ishikawa Tamagawa, Matsushima Shunsuke, Umano Noriko, Nishimura Tomomi, Yasuno Taro, Okamoto Akio, Hagihara Kenichi, Wakami Arisa, Ikeda Yasunori, Igarashi Tomoko, tanjc, Hayashi Yuki, Miyamoto Hiroshi, Oki Hiroyuki

An improvised omnibus, with entries made according to the following direction: “one day’s shoot, dialogue recorded the previous day, and dialogue recorded the day after.”

Oct. 10 CS