2005-05-10 | Yama-Doki! Tokyo Cram School (Part 2 / South Korea)

A small gallery in Ogawamachi, Tokyo, has launched a “countdown to Yamagata” series of documentary screenings leading up to the upcoming October festival. The May films are from Korea, and there’ll be English subtitles!

Once militant and political, Korean documentaries have now changed to reflect a radiant diversity, by a younger generation of filmmakers in their 20s and 30s. Fascinating work by female filmmakers, too. Join the casualtalk sessions after some screenings, too, if you understand Japanese.

Yama-Doki! Tokyo Cram School (Part 2 / South Korea)

May 12 (Thu)
17:00 Gina Kim’s Video Diary
Dir: Gina Kim / KOREA, USA / 2002 / Korean, English / Video / 152 min

Twenty-two-year-old Gina, who journeyed to America to escape her mother, battles with bulimia and neuroses while capturing her reclusive self onvideo. The deliberate use of light is beautiful: the setting sun streamingin the window, a lamp at midnight, the TV as a light source. You can’t helpbeing mesmerized by her solitude.

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Dir: Lee Chang-jae / KOREA, USA / 2003 / Korean, English / Video / 100 min

KBS executives pressure a TV director to re-edit his documentary for broadcast. His conscience is bothered, even after he quits the TV station. Amust-see now, in light of recent NHK scandals about the documentary aboutthe women’s war crime tribunal and in-house censorship.

Talk event after the screenings:
Guest: Sakagami Kaori (Visual journalist, Director of Lifers)
Moderated by Fujioka Asako (YIDFF Coordinator)

May 21 (Sat)
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16:00 *Yamagata Histories*
Surprise screening about YIDFF ’93 (No English subtitles)
Talk show with Sato Makoto (Filmmaker)

May 27 (Fri)
19:00 Gina Kim’s Video Diary
Talk event after screening:
Moderated by Fujioka Asako (YIDFF Coordinator)

June 4 (Sat)
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15:00 Gina Kim’s Video Diary

June 11 (Sat)
13:00 Gina Kim’s Video Diary
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[Venue] Space Neo
Ochanomizu Bldg. 2-10-13 Ogawamachi, Chiyodaku, Tokyo 101-0052
1 minute walk from B5 Exit of Ogawamachi Station (Toei Shinjuku Line), Shin-Ochanomizu Station (Chiyoda Line), Awaji-cho Station (Marunouchi Line). 5 minutes walk from Hijiribashi Exit of Ochanomizu Station (JR)
One ticket: 1500 yen / 1000 yen for neoneo members
Two tickets: 2500 yen / 2000 yen for neoneo members
Talk event: 500 yen (Includes Korean tea and a snack!)
[In cooperation with]
YIDFF Tokyo Office
[Presented by]
Space Neo
phone: 090-3271-5280 (Ms. Sasaki)

For more information neoneo-za website (Japanese)