2005-05-02 | 38th Shonai Documentary Film Tomonokai Screenings

The Shonai Documentary Film Tomonokai holds regular screenings (every other month) of films including those screened at the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, as part of its mission to provide greater opportunities to see the best in documentary film.

38th Shonai Documentary Film Tomonokai Screenings

May 28 (Sat) 19:00   [Venue] Sakata Shimin Kaikan, Kibo Hall (small hall)
May 29 (Sun) 19:00   [Venue] Tsuruoka Kyodonoie Kopia 2F (small hall)

Snow Country (“Yukiguni”)
Dir: Ishimoto Tokichi
JAPAN / 1939 / Japanese / B&W / 16mm / 40 min

Shot over several months in Yamagata Prefecture’s Shinjo village, this work has a monumental presence in Japanese documentary film. The work defines the importance of snow damage control as a social issue through documenting the ecology of people living in the “snow country,” as they untiringly struggle to gain an edge in the battle between mankind and snow.

Night Mail
Dir: Harry Watt, Basil Wright
UK / 1936 / English / B&W / 16mm / 24 min

This masterpiece has left its mark on world documentary history with its vivid portrayal of workers on the overnight train carrying mail from London to Glasgow.

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