2002-12-02 | “Cinema World Cup” on Dec. 22!: pre-screenings for the YIDFF 2003

There will be a “pre-event” for the YIDFF 2003 at the Yamagata Terrsa, a multiple-use cultural facility, located on the west side of Yamagata station.

Best-selling author HASE Seishu will appear as a guest together with book critic IKEGAMI Fuyuki and director MORI Tatsuya. HASE is well-known for his novel Sleepless Town (“Fuyajo”) which was made into a movie. People with tickets to the pre-screening are eligible for a lottery for YIDFF 2003 tickets. Please invite your friends and come to see it!

December 22 (Sunday), 2002

Morning Screenings
11:15 Czech Animation Collection
Pat and Mat 5 shorts
Dir: Lubomir Benes / 1979 / 34 min
Let’s Play with Us 2 shorts
Dir: Bretislav Pojar / 1971, 72 / 35 min

Afternoon Screenings
14:15 SAKKA Battle!
Shaolin Soccer
Dir: Stephan Chow / 2001 / 109 min
Guests: HASE Seishu and IKEGAMI Fuyuki

17:30 Cutting into Taboos
Occupation: ESP (“Shokugyoran wa Esper”)
Dir: Mori Tatsuya / 1998 / 50 min
Broadcast-Prohibited Songs (“Hosokinshika”)
Dir: Mori Tatsuya / 1999 / 50 min
The Nighthawk Star of 1999 (“1999 no Yodaka no Hoshi”)
Dir: Mori Tatsuya / 1999 / 50 min
Guest: MORI Tatsuya
Yamagata Terrsa, 3F
Free for morning screenings
1,000 yen for afternoon screenings
(for both 14:15- and 17:30- screenings together)
phone: 023-666-4480 (Yamagata office)