2002-11-01 | Pre-screenings for the YIDFF 2003

The YIDFF 2003 is coming within one year! There will be a “pre-event” for the YIDFF 2003 at the Yamagata Terrsa, a multiple-use cultural facility which opened in 2001 near the west side of Yamagata station.

At present, a best-selling author, HASE Seishu, has been selected as a guest for the pre-event together with a book critic, IKEGAMI Fuyuki, and a film director, MORI Tatsuya. HASE Seisyu’s novel, Fuyajo (“Sleepless Town”) was made into a movie, as many people probably know. We are aiming for a screening with a different flavor from those up until to now, so please invite your friends and come on out to see it.

December 22 (Sunday), 2002
Pat and Mat and more (Czech animation)

Shaolin Soccer
Guest: HASE Seishu and IKEGAMI Fuyuki

Occupation: ESP (“Shokugyoran wa Esper”)
Broadcast-Prohibited Songs (“Hosokinshika”)
The Nighthawk Star of 1999 (“1999 no Yodaka no Hoshi”)
Guest: MORI Tatsuya
Yamagata Terrsa, 3F
Free for 11:15 screening.
1,000 yen (for both 14:15- and 17:30- screenings together)
phone: 023-666-4480 (Yamagata office)