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2019-05-14 | “In Memory of Jocelyne Saab”: Special Screenings and Talk

Special Screenings and Talk
“In Memory of Jocelyne Saab”

May 18 (Sat)
Dunia (Kiss Me Not On The Eyes)
2005 / 35mm / 110 min
The Children of War
1976 / 16mm / 10 min (without Japanese subtitles)
Beirut, My City
1982 / Digital / 28 min / YIDFF 2017 Politics and Film: Palestine and Lebanon 70s–80s
* Every film has English subtitles.
Talk Session with Yomota Inuhiko (Critic): “The Life and Passion of Jocelyne Saab”
Athénée Français Cultural Center (Tokyo)
1,500 yen / Students and Seniors: 1,300 yen / Members: 1,000 yen
* One-day Pass: 2,500 yen / One-day Pass for Members: 1,800 yen
[Presented by]
Athénée Français Cultural Center
[Co-presented by]
phone: 03-3291-4339 (Athénée Français Cultural Center)

For more information Athénée Français Cultural Center website: “In Memory of Jocelyne Saab” (in Japanese)