2007-07-02 | YIDFF 2007 Preliminary Event: Do you really know Yamagata?

The YIDFF’s summer preliminary event, offering cinematic glimpses of the Yamagata you thought you knew!

YIDFF 2007 Preliminary Event
Do you really know Yamagata?
Showa-era Yamagata: Mountains and Cityscapes

August 4 (Sat)

School of Echoes (“Yamabiko Gakko”)
Dir: Imai Tadashi / Author: Muchaku Seikyo
Cast: Kimura Isao, Takizawa Osamu, Tono Eijiro, Okada Eiji, Sugi Yoko
1952 / 16mm (orig. 35mm) / B&W / 105 min / Japanese only

The true story of a teacher’s struggles in helping children forced into poverty, and her efforts to encourage them to write about their lives. Based on the 1951 bestseller School of Echoes, a collection of essays by junior high school students from Yamagata’s Yamamoto village (now Kaminoyama City).

Talkshow: “Yamagata on Film” (Japanese only)

Rediscover the Yamagata of memory through its images on film. Includes a screening of rare documentary footage from the set of School of Echoes.

The Country Boss (“Kamitsukareta kaoyaku”)
Director: Nakamura Noboru / Music: Takemitsu Toru
Cast: Ban Junzaburo, Sada Keiji, Awaji Keiko, Sawamura Sadako, Takachiho Hizuru, Ishihama Akira, Oki Minoru
1958 / 35mm / color / 97 min / Japanese only

A former bathhouse worker who worked his way up to become the proprietor of his own fine establishment, Yasokichi falls prey to the flattery of a conman and ends up recklessly announcing his candidacy for city councillor. A satirical comedy with an all-star cast portraying an ensemble of wily rogues who swarm around a country bumpkin-made-good. See the Yamagata of the 1950s revived in full color.

Yamagata Central Public Hall (AZ-Nanokamachi), 6F
Advance sales: 1 ticket 1,000 yen, 2 tickets (pair) 1,800 yen
At the door: 1 ticket 1,200 yen (the lecture is free)
* Please consult the Yamagata City playguide and YIDFF Yamagata Office for advance ticket sales.
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