2005-04-01 | Screenings of The Star Converge and Annyong-Kimchi

YIDFF 2005 Preliminary Event
Screenings of The Star Converge and Annyong-Kimchi

May 29 (Sun)

11:00, 14:30 (screens twice)
The Star Converge (“Chirusoku no natsu”)
Dir: Sasabe Kiyoshi / 2003 / Japanese, Korean / Color / 114 min

A goodwill track-and-field competition between high school students from Shimonoseki and Pusan, held on July 7, 1977. Ikuko meets a boy from Korea. They promise to meet again, like the legend of Orihime and Hikoboshi celebrated on July 7 (called “Tanabata” in Japanese, and “Chirusoku” in Korean). This masterpiece depicts the love and friendship that grows in Pusan under martial law. Features excellent performance by Ueno Juri, who appeared in Swing Girls (shot in Yamagata).

13:15 (single screening)
Dir: Matsue Tetsuaki / 1999 / Japanese, Korean / Color / 52 min

Lovable characters depicted by a Korean-Japanese filmmaker who doesn’t like kimchi. Focused on the director’s grandfather, the film abounds with laughter and tears as it traces the history and present lives of this Korean-Japanese family from the grandson’s point of view. Won a Special Mention prize at YIDFF ’99 in New Asian Currents.

[Venue] Yamagata Central Public Hall (AZ), 6F
Pre-purchased tickets
University students/general admission 800 yen (day-of 1,000 yen)
Junior high school/high school students 500 yen (day-of 700 yen)
Elementary school students day-of 100 yen
Pre-purchased ticket sales: Onuma Department Store, Jujiya Yamagata Store, Hachimonjiya Pool, Yamagata Playguide
* For a 100-yen discount (up to 3 tickets, junior high school and above), bring a printout of the YIDFF website top page on the screening day. Same discount applies for the discount pass attached to the April 1 issue of Docu Yama! (film festival magazine distributed mainly within Yamagata.)
* Tomonokai members admitted at pre-purchased ticket price. Please show your membership card at the counter. (Applications available on the screening day. 1,000 for 6-month membership fee includes free admission to Yamagata Film Libarary Friday Theater.)
[Contact] phone: 023-666-4480 (YIDFF Yamagata Office)

* Barrier-free audio: Films will be screened with Japanese subtitles for the hearing impaired.