October 10 (Sat)

Yamagata Central
Public Hall 6F

International Competition
10:00-11:21   Z32
12:50-14:16   The Pier of Apolonovka
15:30-17:23   The Lightning Testimonies
18:50-20:23   Oblivion
  October 10 (Sat)  
Yamagata Citizens’
Hall (Large Hall)

International Competition
New Docs Japan
10:00-11:30   AUTO*MATE
12:40-14:00   The Mother
15:10-16:20 Path of Anna—Yesterday Today Tomorrow 2
18:00-19:59 Annyong Yumika
Yamagata Citizens’
Hall (Small Hall)

Islands / I Lands
Guy Debord Retrospective
10:00-11:30 Exilée + Talk: Ikeuchi Yasuko
12:30-13:47 Mouth to Mouth
At the End of the Arc: Yaeyama Islands
15:00-16:10 Foreign Sky
17:10-18:34 Life on the Distant Island
Secret Spill
Puppet Shaman Star
19:15-21:05 Guy Debord Retrospective A
+ Talk: Kinoshita Makoto
  October 10 (Sat)  
Forum 3

New Asian Currents
13:30-15:16 J The Memory of Being Here
This is Lebanon
16:30-18:11 E Death of the Poet
Crescent Moon Over the Sea
19:30-22:00   New Asian Currents Special Invitation Films
Weabak: Stayed Out All Night
Talk and more
Forum 5

New Asian Currents
10:30-11:53 D The Convert
13:00-16:45 G Doctor Ma’s Country Clinic
18:00-19:28 B Bilal
21:00-22:09 K Nagai Park Elegy
  October 10 (Sat)  
Solaris 1

Films about Yamagata
Tomorrow’s a Day Away
10:00-11:18 The Natco Hour A
12:30-13:50 Let’s Be Together
15:30-17:00 Man of Aran
Ise Shima
18:00-19:10 Night School
Talk: Honda Ryuji
20:00-21:27 Song for a Bride

=Will feature a discussion session with guests after the program. (The screening times do not include Q&A periods.)
=Will be screened with no English subtitles, or simultaneous translation.

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