Films about Yamagata

The second iteration of “Films about Yamagata,” back by popular demand. This time you’ll find a retrospective of a legendary special-effects film director who hailed from Yamagata! Plus, screenings include rare footage of prewar Yamagata, educational films that were all the rage in postwar Yamagata, and a film about Yamagata chartreuses! See “Films about Yamagata” you’ll know a lot more about Yamagata! And you’ll love Yamagata even more!

Venues: Solaris 1, Yamagata Citizens’ Hall (Small Hall)

  The Man Who Shot Godzilla: Honda Ishiro Retrospective

Filmmaker Honda Ishiro, renowned as the director of Godzilla, hailed from Tsuruoka City. His achievements will be re-examined through screenings of films rarely seen and talks featuring his former colleagues. Man of Aran, which Honda cited as a major influence, will also be screened.

Ise Shima National Park 1949 / 20 min Oct. 10 S1
Night School 1956 / 44 min Oct. 10 S1
Song for a Bride 1958 / 87 min Oct. 10 S1
Seniors, Juniors, Co-Workers 1959 / 89 min Oct. 11 S1
The War of the Gargantuas 1966 / 88 min Oct. 11 S1
Man of Aran Dir: Robert J. Flaherty / USA / 1934 / 76 min Oct. 10 S1


  The Natco Hour

Natco projectors and CIE educational films were introduced to Japan as part of General MacArthur’s democratizing policies after WWII. These educational films helped to lay the foundation for Japan’s postwar democracy, and were enthusiastically received throughout Yamagata Prefecture. The program features many of these fascinating and also amusing educational films.

A Facts about 16mm Film 1950
Citizen’s Public Hall 1950
Let’s Square Dance 1950
Libraries without Bars 1950
(78 min) Oct. 10 S1
B Bent with the Years 1949
Discussion Techniques 1952
Children’s Guardian 1950
(80 min) Oct. 11 S1
C Public Health Nurse 1951
Where Are the Germs? 1952
Son of the Earth 1958
(81 min) Oct. 12 S1
D Introduction to America 1952
Japanese Bride in America 1952
The Cumberland Story 1950
(91 min) Oct. 13 S1

  Yamagata Household Cinema—A Look at Prewar Yamagata

The second presentation of “Films about Yamagata: Film Excavation Project.” Again you’ll find rare footage, including prewar Sakata City and a heart-warming prewar documentary about a family in Sagae City. The dawn of both nostalgic and fresh “household cinema”!

Adachi Household Cinema Circa 1935
Sato Kyukichi’s Home Movies 1931–1953

Oct. 9 S1

  Yamagata Venusography 2: Shinjuku, Tokyo

Singer Nagisa Yoko, from Shirataka Town. A film set in Shinjuku featuring beauty from Yamagata will be screened. Let this goddess who prance about the city intoxicate you!

Shinjuku Legend—Nagisa Yoko Shinjuku Koma Gewa-gewa Recital
Dir: Kawanaka Nobuhiro / 2009 / 73 min

Oct. 11 S1

  The Future of Yamagata and Film

Works by young visual creators in Yamagata will be screened. Why do they shoot in Yamagata? Why do they shoot Yamagata? Answers to these questions will reveal the future of “Films about Yamagata.”

We Are All Singing Together Dir: Kobayashi Kaori / 2009 / 79 min
The Apparition of Adolescence Dir: Kagami Keigo / 2008 / 25 min

Oct. 13 CS