Kamei Fumio Retrospective [Other Works]

Kamei on Kamei: A Record of Yesterday’s Film Production Discussion Group

(“Kamei Fumio oi ni kataru: Kino no eiga seisaku o katariau kai no kiroku”)
- 1982 / Color / Video / 104 min

Source: Japan Document Film

This video records all of one episode of “Yesterday’s Film Production Discussion Group—Inviting Kamei Fumio” held on October 13, 1982. Kamei talks about his work, relating many stories. Although we can no longer hear Kamei’s actual voice, this video gives a variety of historically important testimonies and is valuable for anyone who studies the history of Japanese film. The original was recorded on several 3/4-inch video tapes, but has been re-edited by Abe Yutaka for this screening.

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