Kamei Fumio Retrospective [PR and Educational Films]

Norihei Travel Manners

(“Norihei toraberu manaa”)
- 1966 / Color / 16mm (orig. 35mm) / 27 min

Director: Kuramasu Takuma
Script: Ishikura Masako
Photography: Nakao Shunichiro, Matsuda Tadahiko
Sound: Ohashi Tetsuya (Aoi Studio)
Music: Ono Matsuo
Narrator: Miki Norihei
Planning: Japan Airlines
Producer: Tsuruoka Masao
Cast: Miki Norihei, Tomita Kotaro
Production Company, Source: Japan Document Film

This film depicts overseas travel etiquette as we follow comedian Miki Norihei on a European journey. Miki checks in at the airport, fills out a customs declaration, does last-minute preparations on the plane, eats inflight meals, and fills out a disembarkation card. After arriving in Europe, he exchanges money, then winds up staying at the wrong hotel. In Paris he gets lost and ends up sightseeing with JAL package tour members. At the hotel he floods the shower and then goes into the hallway naked. Later, he goes shopping in town, then is surprised to realize that all of his purchases say “Made in Japan.” Also in the film, we see a Venetian gondola, the guards at Buckingham Palace and Spanish flamenco.

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