Kamei Fumio Retrospective [Pre-War Works]

An Introduction to Radio: The Audience

(“Radio dokuhon choshusha no maki”)
- 1937/ B&W / Video / 24 min

Director: Kamei Fumio (Assumed)
Photography, Sound: P.C.L.
Production Company, Source: NHK

This film is a general explanation of the radio business. It explains sound waves, introduces the studio’s broadcast station, Tokyo’s AK Broadcast Center and the BK Broadcast Center in Osaka, then introduces a news broadcaster, an orchestra and a manzai comedy show. The film, structured as a narrative, advises that one must receive permission to listen to the radio and that the proof of permission must be affixed to one’s front gate. NHK owns a film version of this work but we will screen a video version.

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