Kamei Fumio Retrospective [PR and Educational Films]

Let’s Weave a Rainbow

(“Niji o amimasho”)
- 1963 / Color / 16mm (orig. 35mm) / 17 min

Cast: Cool Chappy, Kei China
Planning: Yoshikawa Co., Ltd.
Production Company: Dentsu
Source: Japan Document Film

It is the middle of the night in a big city wool store. The heroines are the store’s display mannequins. A student, a clerk, and a young wife are all content in their woolen clothes. However, Mitsuko worries to herself that her skin is too dark. For people whose bodies are not perfect, whose shoulders are rounded, whose face is big, whose legs are thick, who are short, or who are thick around the middle, it is important to use these traits to one’s advantage. By wearing black, Mitsuko can brighten her dreams. This film was made to introduce wool knit fashions and to leave the impression of the advantages and pleasures of wearing wool, as well as to enlighten people with basic knowledge about clothing and accessories. It is an enjoyable musical fantasy PR piece aimed at the general consumer.

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