Kamei Fumio Retrospective [PR and Educational Films]

Poem of Life

(“Inochi no uta”)
- 1959 / Color / 35mm / 39 min

Director: Kamei Fumio
Script: Ide Toshiro
Photography: Kikuchi Shu
Editing: Kono Shurei
Sound: Ohashi Tetsuya
Music: Nagasawa Katsutoshi
Art Director: Yamamura Saburo
Cast: Mizutani Sadao, Ishida Sanae, Nakao Hitoshi
Planning: Nissay (Nippon Life Insurance)
Production Company: Dentsu
Source: National Film Center

Ichiro found a job at a shipbuilding company and his friend Yamano found work at Nissay (Nippon Life Insurance). Ichiro married, had children and was enjoying life, but refused Yamano’s suggestion that he get life insurance. One day Ichiro was hit by a car, but survived the accident. Wondering what would have become of his wife and children if he had died, he came to realize the importance of getting life insurance and making a life plan. This film, made on the occasion of Nissay’s 70th anniversary, introduces life insurance as one aspect of estate planning.

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