2019-06-19 | Yamagata University Museum Exhibition: “The History of Yamagata as the City of Film”

This exhibition presents the 120-year history of Yamagata city and cinema through artifacts and panels on display. City maps marked with locations of cinemas long gone and film promotional flyers are a small part of a presentation that will surely evoke nostalgia and bring memories back.

Yamagata University Museum Exhibition
“The History of Yamagata as the City of Film”

May 20 (Mon) –June 21 (Fri)
Opening Hours: 9:3017:00
* Closed on Saturdays and Sundays.
Yamagata University Museum
[Presented by]
Yamagata University Museum, Yamagata bunka isan katsuyojigyo Organizing Committee
[Co-presented by]
YIDFF Yamagata Office, Eizo bunka kenkyusho, Faculty of Literature and Social Science, Yamagata University
[Supporeted by]
Yamagata City, The 45th JASIAS Yamagata Conference
phone: 023-628-4930 (Yamagata University Museum)