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2017-04-11 | “Shooting America”—Robert Kramer Retrospective

Filmmaker Robert Kramer (1939–1999) continues to be a towering inspiration to this day. He illustrated some of America’s most volatile and heated years in Ice and Milestones while his four-hour-plus masterpiece Route One / USA (The Mayor’s Prize, YIDFF ’89) became an unforgettable record of an America fatigued by the times. The three films will be shown in this special retrospective in Tokyo, providing ample food for thought about America—torn by dissent and compromise today.

Period (“Shooting America”—Robert Kramer Retrospective): May 6 (Sat)–26 (Fri)

Route One / USA
Director, Photography, Editing: Robert Kramer / FRANCE / 1989 / 35mm / 255 min / YIDFF ’89 The Mayor’s Prize
Director: Robert Kramer / USA / 1969 / 16mm / 132 min
Director, Script, Photography, Editing: Robert Kramer / USA / 1975 / 16mm / 206 min
Theater Image Forum (Shibuya, Tokyo)
Day ticket: 1,500 yen / Students and Seniors: 1,200 yen / Members: 1,100 yen / 3,600 yen for three programs
phone: 03-5766-0114 (Theater Image Forum)

For more information Cinematrix website: “Shooting America”—Robert Kramer Retrospective (in Japanese)