2014-03-19 | Lecture Presentation “Creative City of Visual Culture, Yamagata”

Over the years, various and many film-related activities have taken place in Yamagata. Yamagata citizens created their own opportunities by organizing film viewings and film classes at schools, and even established a citizen-run movie theatre. We prides our international film festival held in cooperation with public and private sectors. Quite a number of independent films have been shot and screened by local filmmakers here. How can we put forward this autonomous drive, energy, and creativity to greater use in shaping Yamagata’s future society and education?

Arguing that the urban model of the 21st century should focus on cultural industries, UNESCO has initiated the Creative Cities Network program that aims to create an alliance of cities across national boundary. Joining the Creative City Cities Network will be a step forward for Yamagata to form an interactive relation between film-related activities and the future development of the region.

This week, Professor Sasaki Masayuki, an expert in urban cultural strategy, will visit Yamagata to present a lecture. How can a local city achieve further development by using its cultural resources? What needs to be done for Yamagata city to join UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network? Together with Professor Sasaki, participants will discuss strategies that will propel us forward. This lecture is an open learning opportunity for anyone who is interested in this topic. We welcome everyone, and hope to meet many from diverse backgrounds.

Tohoku University of Art & Design presents:
Lecture “Creative City of Visual Culture, Yamagata—Striving to join the UNESCO’s creative cities network”

March 20 (Thu) 14:00–16:30
Speaker: Sasaki Masayuki (Director of Osaka City University Urban Research Plaza)
* Speech will be held in Japanese with no English translation.

Sakurada Cinema, Tohoku University of Art & Design
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