2012-04-16 | Now Seeking Full and Supporting Members!

Now that the new financial year has begun, the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival is now seeking members to help support our activities. There are two kinds of membership: full membership, and supporting membership. Anyone living in Japan can become a member regardless of age or nationality, as long as you agree with the purposes of our organization.

Full members have the right to vote at our general meeting, and are expected to actively participate in the running of the festival. If it will be difficult for you to attend our general meeting, we recommend that you become a supporting member. In addition, there are also many membership benefits. Membership fees will be used effectively in the operation of our organization, including the film festival itself, as well as screenings, workshops, and much more.

Why not become a part of the YIDFF and join us in putting together the film festival? If you would like to know more, please contact us at <info@yidff.jp>. We will send you a leaflet with further details regarding membership.

Term of Validity
  1. Full/Regular Membership: April 1 2012–March 31 2013
  2. Supporting Membership: One year from the date of admission

Membership Fees (for all members)
10,000 yen for an individual member 30,000 yen for an organization

Advantages of Membership

YIDFF gives you:

  • An official catalog YIDFF 2011 and a festival report
  • Free admission tickets available at screening events hosted by YIDFF in Yamagata
  • Special discount admission fee to all the screening events hosted by YIDFF in Yamagata
  • A membership bulletin and event leaflets

And this year, we’ll offer a special present to all members!

  • One free ticket to “Documentary Dream Show Yamagata in Tokyo 2012,” which will be held from mid-August to September 2012.