2007-11-30 | YIDFF Publications

YAMAGATA International Documentary Film Festival 2007 Official Catalog
In English and Japanese / 128 pp
Japan: 1,200 yen   Overseas (Postage inclided): 1,800 yen

The official catalog packed with information about the films and programs featured at YIDFF 2007.

Dramatic Science! —Yamagata Science Theater
In English and Japanese / 32 pp
Japan: 500 yen   Overseas (Postage inclided): 750 yen

The wonders of nature, the mechanisms of life, and the infinite universe . . . The dedicated catalog for YIDFF 2007’s special program Dramatic Science! —Yamagata Science Theater. Includes a detailed film analyses, an interview for Okada Kazuo, Science film companies in Japan, Favorite selections by Science Film Special Search Party, Japanese science fim chronology etc . . .

Films about Yamagata
In English and Japanese / 72 pp
Japan: 500 yen   Overseas (Postage inclided): 750 yen

A special catalog for Films about Yamagata, a program examining Yamagata via cinema. Features commentary and interviews regarding each film and more. (some sections in Japanese only)

Documentary Box #28 (October 7, 2007)
In English / 35 pp
Japan: 400 yen   Overseas (Postage inclided): 600 yen

The latest and last edition of the official journal of the YIDFF, focusing on information and criticism pertaining to international documentary filmmaking. Documentary Box #28: Contents

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