2007-03-01 | Documentary Box #27 now available

Documentary Box, which focuses on information and criticism regarding documentary film around the world, is the official journal of the YIDFF.

Documentary Box #27
Japanese edition, English edition / 35 pages (both editions) / 400 yen each (sales tax included)

  1. Documentarists of Japan, #25: Mori Tatsuya
  2. Things Seen from Movies about the Self—Japanese and Swiss Personal Documentaries  Setoguchi Miki
  3. Israeli Documentaries  Shumulik Duvdevani
  4. Docbox Books
    Ian Aitken, ed., Encyclopedia of the Documentary Film, 3 Volumes  Charles Musser
    Matsumoto Toshio, The Discovery of the Image: Avant-garde and Documentary  Hirasawa Go

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Documentary Box


**A collection of interviews with Japanese documentary filmmakers from Documentary Box #1–#27 is currently on sale at booksellers around Japan.

Dokyumentari eiga wa kataru—Sakka intabyu no kiseki (in Japanese)
Compiled by the editorial staff of YIDFF Tokyo Office’s Documentary Box
Publisher: Miraisha    Cooperation: Cinematrix
486pp / 5,040 yen (sales tax Included)