2007-01-31 | DVD Sales Announcement

“Japan in the Showa 30s as Seen in Film”

Japan in 1955 had just emerged from the disarray of wartime defeat. People were aglow with courage and vitality! See urban and rural life as shown in short films, and look back on the era’s events as portrayed in newsreels. (Japanese only)

Co-produced by Kiroku Eigash, Sakura Eigash, Nihon Eiga Shinsha

“Japan in the Showa 30s—Family Life”   6,000 yen each
Children in the cities / Urban life / Rural life
“Japan in the Showa 30s—Family Happiness”   5,040 yen each
Parents and children / Husbands and wives / Families
For more information and to place orders, please contact:
YIDFF Organizing Committee, Visual Cultural Promotion Section
phone: 81-23-666-4480   fax: 81-23-625-4550