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2005-06-20 | Screening Under the Stars

Splendid screening for a summertime evening, bringing the film projector,film and screen into nature.

Screening Under the Stars

July 23 (Sat) from sunset (about 19:30)

Program 1:
Nanook of the North
Dir: Robert Flaherty
USA / 1922 / English / B&W / sound version / Japanese subtitles / 16mm / 50 min

Depicting a year in the life of an indigenous family, this masterpiece has leftan indelible mark on documentary film history. It is Flaherty’s first work,but clearly reflects his ideas on the distinctive qualities and principlesof documentary film. Transcends simple documentation of the indigenous life through grasping man’s fundamental fight with nature and depicting the harmony within that battle.

Program 2:
Selected works by director Oki Masaharu
JAPAN / 2002 / Color / DV / 1 min
Dawn of Documentary (“Dokymentari no yoake”)
JAPAN / 2001 / Japanese / Color / DV / 4 min
Suihei-liebe boku no fune
JAPAN / 2003 / Silent / Color / 16mm / 3 min

Director Oki has been creating works since studying at Tohoku University of Art & Design, and during YIDFF was active on the Daily Bulletin staff. Since graduation has continued making works in Yamagata.

Keishoji Temple grounds, Ogunimachi Ashimizunakazato (in case of rain, screening will be held inside the temple)
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YIDFF Organizing Committee